Asha Negi

Beautiful and talented actor Asha Negi has essayed multiple roles on television. However, her girl-next-door roles stand out. From being part of reality shows to web series and now films, her versatility never fails to wow the audience. The prolific actor will now be seen in an all-new avatar in Abhay season 2.

In an exclusive freewheeling conversation with IBTimes, Asha Negi spoke about her role in Abhay season2, how she keeps herself calm during these tough times, why she is choosy when it comes to making friends and more.

Excerpts from the interview

On her role as a journalist in Abhay 2

I am playing a journalist, who is very sincere, opinionated and confident. My character has a lot of layers in the show. Something very different than I have done before. In fact,  I am seeing myself in an all-new avatar.

As you have always essayed the role of girl-next-door, how similar/different is this role from ones that you have essayed till now?

 I am that good girl, I am that devil in my bad days. It depends on what I am going through and the state of mind I am in. However, I am most of the time the good girl.

As you play a feisty journalist, will we see you doing some action sequences?

I so wanted to do some stunts. However, I am the one who investigates the case to find the truth.

Questions that you want the journalists to avoid

 After performing this character, I understand how tough your job is, its so challenging. I realised where all the journalists are coming from. Why you guys ask a particular question. I realised that there is no personal benefit that any journo holds. It's purely professional as they are doing their job.

As for me,  If I don't want to answer any question asked by a journalist I tell them politely that I don't want to answer this, there are times when a person pokes me  saying, nai nai bato thoda sa, then I  say, 'I don't think we should carry on with this question.'

 If given a chance who would like to interview and why?

I would like to interview Michelle Obama, It will great as I will feel so motivated after the interview.

 Are you content with the kind of roles and the way your career has shaped up?

Yes, definitely at this point in my life I am happy and content. For me, it's not about materialistic things or success that I have owned. It's all about how I have grown as a person. If I am not kind to people or somebody whom I talk to then all these materialistic things and success are in vain. Coming back to my career. I am happy and content for everything that I have done,  be on television, reality shows, web shows or now moving towards films.

Mental health is an alarming issue, especially during these COVID-19 times. How do you manage to keep yourself charged and motivated?

 We all are battling something in our personal lives. There are days we don't feel like doing anything, we are very low on energy, demotivated. And it is happening with a lot of us for a various reason be it job, pandemic or something or the other. During these times, we have become extra vulnerable, we get hurt, attached and affected to the slightest of the thing. To overcome all this we need to have the right people around us. Make sure that we are in touch with our family and friends. Being around with your close people makes you feel good. To an extent, yoga and meditation has helped me a lot. 

  How did you tackle setbacks in your life?

Family and friends have always been there.  I know some people don't care about you. Some friends are with you only for their benefits. I am very choosy when it comes to making friends. I have very few close friends. It is all about the moment; you flow with it. There are times when you feel low, and nothing feels right if you go through that moment take a hot shower or do something at that moment to so that you feel good. I do yoga and meditation. In 2019, I was thinking about getting spiritual but never really got time. During the lockdown, I am glad I did it. If I didn't have my friends this year would be tough on me.

 Asha Negi will be seen in Abhay season 2 which will be premiering on Zee 5 from August 14.