Aruvikkara By-Election 2015
Aruvikkara By-Election 2015Aashish/Twitter

Counting of Kerala's most awaited Aruvikkara by-election began at 8:15am at Sri Swathithirunal College Of Music on Tuesday, 30 June.

10:30 am: UDF's KS Sabarinathan won the Aruvikkara by-election with a margin of 10128 votes. G Karthikeyan won the 2011 polls in Aruvikkara with a margin of 10674 votes. 

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All you need to know about Aruvikkara by-election

77:35% polling was recorded from 154 booths on Saturday.

Major candidates: KS Sabarinathan (UDF), M Vijayakumar (LDF), O Rajagopal (BJP)

Total number of booths: 154

Counting will begin with Tholikkodu panchayat.

Check out live updates below:

Candidate Total Votes
KS Sabarinathan 56448
M Vijayakumar 46320
O Rajagopal 34145
NOTA                    1430            

Check the trend from official website HERE

Booths votes
Tholikkodu UDF leads wth 1422 votes
Vithura UDF leads with 1052 votes
Aryanadu UDF leads with 1449 votes
Uzhamanakkal UDF leads with 368 votes
Vellanad UDF leads with 2334 votes
Aruvikkara LDF leads with 133 votes
Poovachal UDF leads with 1975 votes
 Kuttichal UDF leads with 1528 votes

10:29 am: 9550 margin for UDF after the counting of 149 booths.

10:22 am: Sabarinath leads with 8533 votes (136 booths)

10:15 am: Margin of 7521 votes for UDF after the counting of 127 booths out of 154.





10:06 am: Counting of Aruvikkara over. UDF leads in 6 panchayats with 6246

10:05 am: UDF leads in 5 panchayats; BJP crosses 25000 votes.

10:00 am: Margin of 6564 votes for Sabarinath (106 booths). Four panchayats get UDF wave.

9:56 am: After counting of 100 booths, UDF leads with 6435 votes. Sabarinath gets less number of votes from Aruvikkara.





K Das - 759

9:52: Counting begins for Aruvikkara. Less number of votes for UDF compared to LDF. 

9:49 am:  Vellanad counting over and Sabarinath gets margin of 6598 votes.

9:47 am: Sabarinath leads with 6638 votes (87 booths)

9:45 am: 85 booths over. UDF leads with a margin of 6546 votes.

9:44 am: Counting of 82 booths over; UDF leads with 6017 votes.

9:41 am: Sabarinath leads with 5720 votes after 78 booths.

UDF- 29576




9:38 am: UDF leads with 4992 votes (75 booths)

9:35 am: Sabarinath leads with 4235 votes (72 booths).

UDF- 25114




9:32 am: Margin of 4276 votes for UDF after counting of 66 booths.

9:30 am: Counting of 62 booths over. UDF leads with 4102 votes.

9:29 am: Counting of Uzhamanakal panchayat begins. UDF leads with 3827 votes. Sabarinath gets 20754 votes, followed by Vijayakumar with 16927 votes.

9:25 am: Counting of 57 booths overs. Sabarinath leads with 3870 votes.

UDF- 20023


BJP- 10643

9:20 am: Sabarinath leads with a margin of 3599 after the counting in 52 booths.

9:19 am: Counting of 51 booths over. 

UDF- 17623

LDF- 14193

BJP- 9807

9:17 am: Sabarinathan leads with 3303 votes. UDF supporters celebrate outside the counting centre. 

9:09 am: Counting for Aryandu begins. Counting of 42 booths and three rounds over.

9:00 am: Counting of 34 booths over

8:58 am: Counting of 31 booths over

UDF -10825

LDF- 8450

BJP- 5259

NOTA- 234

8:56 am: Counting of 26 booths over

8:54 am: Two rounds of counting over. Kerala witnesses UDF wave with a huge margin of votes. 

8:49 am: Counting of 18 booths over. Sabarinath leads with a margin of 1466 votes. 

BKS Sabarinathan 5744

M Vijayakumar 4278

O Rajagopal 3085

NOTA 136

8:45 am: Sabarinath leads with a margin of 1422 votes after the counting of 17 booths.

8:42 am: Second round counting begins.

8:40 am: First round counting of 14 booths finished; Sabarinath leads with 1232 votes.

UDF- 4526

LDF- 4526

BJP- 2664


8:37 am: Sabarinathan breaks the record of G Karthikeyan with 3820 votes.

8:36 am: Counting of 10 booths over

8:32 am: Counting of 8 booths over. Sabarinath gets 2615 votes, followed by VIjayakumar with 1632 votes and Rajagopal with 1632 votes.

8:26 am: Sabarinath leads with 115 votes.

8:25 am: Delay in getting the first bit of information about results. Official website says "Counting not started"

8:15 am: Counting of 14 booths of Tholikkodu panchayat begins.

8:07 am: Postal votes counting started. LDF candidate leading with 4 postal votes, 2 for Sabarinath.

8:06 am: Polling begins in Aruvikkara. 

8:05 am: Announded is heard.

7:59 am: Media personnals asked to move to media rooms arranged at the centre.

7:58 am: Voting machines arranged in counting rooms.

7:50 am: Strong rooms with ballot boxes opened.

7:15 am: M Vijayakumar has arrived the counting centre. 

6:25 am: Counting agents have reached the counting centre.

6:00 am: Heavy security measures have been arranged at the music college.