Rubeena Siddiqui

Promotions of big names and their work, features by veteran brands, celebratory parties, and everything else that a budding artist dreams of has come true for Rubeena Siddiqui. The young girl has made a mark in the entertainment industry and is scaling greater heights each day.

In a recent tete-a-tete, she said that it was an honor to share the stage with someone as talented and popular as Honey Singh. 'The new song 'Designer' is a piece of art and a display of talent and it was an amazing experience to be involved with its promotions', says Rubeena.

She is talented and had unlocked success immediately after she first appeared on social media. While the naysayers call it luck, those who have seen her perform know that it is talent and hard work that make her a success.

Her looks stole the show when she posted a veiled picture and netizens waited desperately to catch a glimpse. Her face reveal created all the more buzz and she soon became a social media sensation.

Her YouTube music video 'Kamaal Kare tu' crossed a million views after it was posted. This is a great example of her talent. Her interest to be an artist dates back to her childhood and her talent is a mix of god gift and her effort to hone her natural skills. She is passionate about acting, singing, and dancing and now has found content creation as a way to fulfill her passion.

She is also committed to making her looks and appearance appealing. This is because she says that the entertainment world pays immense attention to external looks.

She is thankful to her family for their guidance and support and to god for making her journey successful. She is also grateful for her husband, who stood by her like a rock in challenging times.

Her journey hasn't been easy, but she cherishes each struggle and moment. She believes that her hard work got her so far, but her goals motivated her to work harder. She wanted to give a befitting reply to the old school relatives who told her that her dreams were meaningless and her marriage should be her only goal. She also wanted to set an example for other girls from small towns who bury their dreams under pressure.

She is setting new benchmarks in a very competitive industry. She says that her journey has just begun, and she wishes to go further with her determination and efforts. She also said that it was her childhood dream to get autographs from celebrities, but she didn't know one day she will pose alongside popular names. She had also never imagined that she'd be such a revered star.