Karim Benzema France
Karim Benzema and Arsenal have been joined by the transfer rumour hip this summerReuters

The Arsenal and Karim Benzema transfer story is getting more and more interesting as time passes. After Wojciech Szczesny showed you can turn social media action of a player into a reliable transfer story, it is now the turn of Benzema to do that (or maybe not) after the Frenchman posted a cryptic message about "leaving the past behind" and "Looking forward," while sitting on a plane.

Now, that could mean absolutely anything, but, obviously, everyone interested, and wanting to see the Benzema to Arsenal transfer from Real Madrid, took it as the France international striker's hint of his impending move to the Emirates.

The medical is apparently scheduled already, people at the airport are ready to receive Benzema -- if they haven't already that is -- and inevitably there have been sightings of the 27-year-old striker in London.

Take them all with a pinch of salt as always, with Benzema going the cryptic way with a message in French, which can be either "let's leave the past behind" or "let bygones be bygones" depending on your translator app. That was followed by a hashtag message which again could mean anything, but for the Arsenal fans will mean "yup, Benzema is off to North London folks, we are finally getting out man!"

Arsenal have apparently had a bid turned down by Real Madrid, after the Spanish club initially showed their willingness to sell the France striker.

Recent reports have suggested Arsenal are lining up/have made a £40million bid, which could tempt Real Madrid to sell, assuming, of course, they have a replacement lined up, or see someone like Jese Rodriguez stepping up in his stead.

The betting parlours also went wild following the Benzema Instagram post, with the odds slashed from 7/2 to 11/10, but then you can never really be too sure with those signs now can you, especially when it comes to such a mammoth transfer.

Only Monday, reports suggested Arsenal were lining up a medical for Fernando Llorente and there hasn't been any sign of that since; so holding your breath on the Benzema transfer might not be the greatest of ideas, either.

The tweet from Sky Sports report Bryan Swanson only confirmed that. "Real Madrid say Karim Benzema still with squad in Shanghai before next game against AC Milan," Swanson said on his Twitter feed, after the internet went wild following the Instagram message.

"Private jet pic? Believed to be from holiday."

If Arsenal do sign Benzema, though, they will be right up there contending for the Premier League title, undoubtedly; that is how big a difference the Frenchman can make.