The Indian Army helped avert a massive conflagration in North Kashmir's Baramulla district on Saturday night, officials said on Sunday.

According to details, a massive fire that broke out in the main market area of Village Fatehgarh, Baramulla in the night of 4-5 December engulfed large area of densely built wooden shops and residences. Trees in the vicinity soon caught the fire extending the conflagration zone in the market.

Initially local volunteers from the village tried to control the blaze but failed, after which help was sought from the Indian Army.

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Security beefed up in Baramulla of Jammu and Kashmir.IANS

"Responding to the outbreak of fire, two teams of army including one Quick Reaction Team rushed immediately to the site with fire fighting equipment," army said.

"Army troops without caring for their own safety, quickly formed a human chain from the water point to the incident site."

The fire was contained and not allowed to spread to adjacent shops, houses and trees. Meanwhile local police, fire fighting teams from fire service department and assistance from other security forces with water bowsers and other fire fighting equipment also moved to place of incident.

"Army troops paved the way for the local fire brigade and continued extinguishing the fire alongside the firefighters. After a strenuous firefight, the blaze was finally tamed at 01.15 a.m.," the army said.

"Village panchayat members witnessing the incident lauded the selfless efforts, professionalism and courage displayed by the Army personnel for timely assistance provided in extinguishing the fire thereby minimising losses. Senior Citizens of the village present also extended thanks for spirit of unity displayed by men in uniform."