Arjun Rampal, Jayalalithaa, Akshay Khanna

We have seen celebs go all uninhibited and candid on several talk shows. And Simi Garewal's chat show – Rendezvous with Simi Garewal – was no different either. However, few celebs did grab the spotlight for making creepy statements on the show. Let's take a look.

Arjun Rampal: Call it his excitement or his nervousness, but Arjun Rampal did grab eyeballs when he said that he finds his mother irresistible. When Simi Garewal asked him to name three women he finds irresistible, Arjun thought for some time and quipped, "You (Simi Garewal), you (Mehr Jessia) and my mother." We wonder what reaction would his mother have on this. Oops!

Shah Rukh Khan: Even back then, Shah Rukh Khan charmed everyone with his answers. And while this answer might have sounded fun and cool, looking back, it certainly does not. On being asked about his hopes and dreams for Aryan, Shah Rukh had said, "When he is three, he can smoke, do drugs, have sex. He'll be a completely spoilt brat. If he's a good boy, he's out of the house. I want complaints from my coworkers who have daughters.

Akshay Khanna: Man of very few words, Akshay Khanna did make a statement that grabbed headlines. On being asked whom would he like to date, Akshay said, "Jayalalithaa. There is a lot there that intrigues me. She is very secretive."

Kareena Kapoor: If people didn't know Kareena very well, she could have scared many people with her creepy answer. At the verge of sounding violent, Kareena had said, "If someone hurt me unintentionally, I would cut them out of my life completely. But if someone hurt me intentionally, I'd hit back. I am that kind of a person." While the statement might not seem a bit too much now, but her expressions and the way she said it, did scare off Simi a bit.

Simi Garewal: When an eloquent person is sitting in front, chances of going wrong with your own wordplay is quite common. Something similar happened when once Stardust Editor, Shobhaa De was invited as the guest on Simi's chat show. Talking to her, Simi said, "Do you remember, the first time I met you, you were the fearsome editor of Stardust. Beautiful, brilliant and a little bitchy." Ouch! That must have hurt.