Arjun Kapoor, Sridevi
Arjun Kapoor, Sridevi and husband Boney KapoorInstagram

After Sridevi's untimely death at a hotel in Dubai, Arjun Kapoor immediately flew off to the capital city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) to help his father Boney Kapoor complete the final formalities to bring the legendary actress' mortal remains back to India for cremation. He was also actively involved in the funeral arrangements and proved to be a pillar of strength for his grieving father and stepsisters - Janhvi and Khushi.

Sridevi and Arjun Kapoor didn't share a cordial relationship with each other after the latter's mother Mona Shourie died seven years ago before watching her son's debut film Ishaqzaade which released in the same year. And when Arjun offered his father and his sisters a shoulder to cry on in the time of mourning, he made headlines for the steps he had taken towards his family considering his on and off relationship.

So when Arjun, during his recent interaction, was called a hero by an interviewer for rushing to help his father after Sridevi's death, he immediately replied saying, "You are using a very big word - hero."

He further continued, "I understand what you are saying. But I couldn't keep thinking what people would think of me. I did what I felt was right. If I had collected too much opinion, it would have been just manipulative and without any emotions."

Further explaining his decision of flying to Dubai with Boney Kapoor to bring back Sridevi's mortal remains to India, Arjun said, "I am happy that I followed my instinct. I have no regrets. But I would never wish such a thing to happen to even my worst enemy. I wish it hadn't come to that thing for us to react towards each other."

"Even my mom would have wanted it this way, and not that I was doing a heroic act.. My mom loved my father; she would have wanted me to be around my father in that moment of crisis, she would have wanted his near and dear ones to be near him. I know how it feels. I have seen it myself. It's not easy, my back is already broken. There is a sense of vacuum in me that only Anshula fills," he added.

Not just Arjun but his sister Anshula too offered a strong support to Boney Kapoor, daughters Janhvi and Khushi and had been supporting them in every walk of their life.