Popular singer, dancer and now actor Arjun Kanungo is back with yet another music video  'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi', featuring Sonal Chauhan. The recently released music video Fursaat Hai Aaj Bhi' was shot during the lockdown at their respective homes. Arjun and Sonal in the video are seen reminiscing beautiful moments spent together after they've gone through a breakup and realizing that how being with each other means the world to them.

Apart from this, Arjun will also be seen in Salman Khan's film Radhe, which is in the post-production stage.

The multi-talented Arjun Kanungo opened up about his new song 'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi' with Sonal Chauhan, his take on not doing remixes and focussing on original music only, and how he decided to get onto acting and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

On song his new song 'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi'

'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi' is a pop ballet, like a cold play or snow patrol, we shot it on phone during the lockdown. After the 8th of June when the lockdown in Mumbai eased Sonal came to my place for few hours as we had to shoot ceratin close up scenes, the rest of the song is shot at home by our respective family members.

On Sonal Chauhan being part of the song yet again

Previously, Sonal and I worked together for a romantic song 'Fursat', and the same team was working for 'Fursaat Hai Aaj Bhi' and I wanted to work with Sonal once again, that's how she became part of 'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi'.

Remixes and renditions have taken over music and there is a death of original music. However, Arjun has always stayed away from remixes, allow him to answer.

Is he keen on making remixes?

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Before 2017, people and listeners liked remixes. They actually wanted to hear them but now remixes have become too much, every other song turns out to be a remix. I want to create original. I feel like the excitement of remixes was prevalent till Badrinath Ki Dulhiyaan, we loved Humma Humma, and after that, it started to fade. Music label was successful. Now nobody goes around or cares if a newly remixed song has dropped.

I have always been open about saying no to remixes, I don't want to do as of now. Even when it comes to my own labels, we have some songs which have a huge catalogue, and they want me to remix. It is problematic for me, as I keep saying don't want to do and then I end up doing one. I will do remixes when the audience will really want it.

On nepotism and his struggle

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Tu hi re part 3 - my obsession with the song continues. Thankfully I have no more parts to sing ? #arrahman #Tuhire #hariharan #arjunkanungo

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Yes, nepotism and I won't deny, I too had ups and downs. However, I have never been demotivated or decided that I will stop singing or leave the industry. In 2014 I took a break for a year because I wanted to learn acting and I went abroad to learn the craft and make myself better.  I knew I wanted to be an actor and luckily I have been cast in the film Radhe (Salman Khan). I am doing one more film, having said this, I knew that singing and acting often intersect.

This isn't ten first time  Arjun Kanungo and Sonal Chauhan are working together, they were last seen together in the music album 'Fursat'.

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