Lawmaker resigns

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck, all affairs are being carried out virtually through video conferencing. But this practice has gotten a lot of people in trouble after they unknowingly engaged in acts thinking the camera is off and regretted soon after. Now, an Argentina MP has landed himself in deep trouble after an NSFW act during an ongoing congress meet.

The lawmaker, who is married with three kids, shocked fellow deputies who were a part of the video conference to discuss debts. Juan Emilio Ameri with a woman on his lap, fondling her right playfully right before pulling his mistress' black vest and kissing the right breast.

House president Sergio Massa immediately stopped the session and the MPs unanimously voted for Ameri's suspension. On Thursday, the lawmaker offered his resignation and stepped down from his active duties.

Lawmaker thought camera was off

Argentina MP incident

Speaking to a local channel, Ameri apologized for his actions. Elaborating further on the incident, Ameri said he thought the camera was off as the internet had gone down. Just at that moment, his girlfriend, identified as Celeste Burgos, who was also his political advisor, came out of the bathroom and he asked her about the breast enhancement she had undergone ten days ago.

But the camera was on all the while, exposing his sexual act to the world.

"At that moment she sat down with me and I kissed her on the breast without realizing that the connection had returned. It was a moment of intimacy with my partner that leaked. It was serious, really, I take charge and I am very ashamed. I am very distressed by what is happening," said the deputy when he broke down in tears in front of the camera, according to Todo Notices (TN) news.

Ameri apologised for his actions. He also defended himself against a sexual harassment charge when he became MP last December. Ameri also revealed that he has separated from his wife Alejandra Escudero after the incident came to light.

"I apologize to the citizens, my family, my partner, for this whole situation. I want to apologize to my mother, my sisters, my daughters, with whom I have not yet spoken, to my colleagues "Ameri said.