UFO Argentina
YouTube: UFO Mania

A creepy video shared to YouTube by popular conspiracy theory channel 'UFO Mania' is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial enthusiasts. In the video, a bright UFO, probably disc-shaped can be seen hovering in low in the night sky.

Interestingly, the shape of the object seen in the video seems very familiar to the alien spaceships which we have seen in popular Hollywood sci-fi flicks.

The YouTube channel reveals that the video was apparently shot by a man named Gustavo Fabian Zarate on April 17, 2019, in Argentina. After seeing the bizarre structure in the skies, Gustavo soon took his smartphone and captured the incident.

"I never thought I'd go through something like this. Look, it's a matter of belief or bust. The kids are speechless. Look at this thing, it's impressive," said the man in the video.

After capturing the incident, Gustavo shared in on his Facebook page, where it racked up more than 3568 shares. However, the clip became popular after it was shared by UFO Mania on YouTube.

After watching the video, viewers of 'UFO Mania' too put forward various theories explaining this weird sky sighting. Most of the people who watched the video claimed that aliens from deep space have visited the earth to monitor our activities, and some of them even went a step ahead and claimed that extraterrestrials are living together with humans.

"It's more likely the more we see these that it's humans that are testing out their new military technology given to them by aliens/demons," commented Sean S, a YouTube user.

"This is real. I've seen it quite a few times," commented Diana Naundorf, another YouTuber.

However, sceptics were quick to dismiss the alien connection, and they made it clear that this light is actually the reflection of the windshield from something inside the car.

The new UFO sighting was reported just a few days after Dr Young-hae Chi, a Korean lecturer who teaches at the Oxford Oriental Institute claimed that aliens are interbreeding with humans to produce powerful hybrids. The researcher also added that alien hybrids from mixed parentage will survive climate change that will happen in the future, and will finally emerge as the most dominant species on Earth.