Christopher Nolan is one of the few movie directors who try to bring something new with every project. With the Batman trilogy, he simply changed the way everyone perceived the superhero universe. With Dunkirk, he changed how we all saw war movies. Now with Tenet, he is again going to try something new — something that has never been done before. John David Washington recently explained why fans are thinking that Tenet's movie is Inception's sequel.
Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan's Tenet with Dimple Kapadia to be shot in MumbaiTwitter

Even though we have Tenet movie merchandise details, the exact plot for Tenet movie is still behind the curtains. However, from the recently released trailer, one thing is clear that we are going to witness time in such a way that we have never experienced before. After the trailer went online, it was pretty obvious for Nolan's fans to start digging for Easter eggs and now many are thinking that Tenet and Inception are somehow connected with each other.

"I'd say ['Tenet'] is an in-law to 'Inception,'" Washington said to Esquire, choosing his words delicately. "They're related by marriage. They get together for Thanksgivings, family barbecues, like that kind of thing. Other than that, one lives in Europe, the other one lives in Compton."

Whether or not Tenet and Inception share some plot threads or characters, it is yet to be seen but given the fact that we saw dreams and time interlinked with each other in Inception, it would be amazing to see if something like this happens in Tenet movie.

Tenet movie details:

As mentioned earlier, plot details of Robert Pattinson and John David Washington's Tenet movie are not yet revealed but Washington told Esquire that after filming Nolan's movie, it was so relentless to shoot that movie that he was unable to run for a month after production wrapped.

"There were some times I couldn't get up out of bed," he said. "[Even] a couple weeks in, I was worried, very concerned I wasn't going to be able to finish this thing, and I didn't want to tell anybody because I was like, 'Oh, I will die for this...' This film deserves it. Even if I break something, I am not going to say nothing to nobody until this thing gets done."

Christopher Nolan's Tenet movie is scheduled to release on July 17, 2020. It would be the first major movie to release after the entire world entered lockdown due to the novel coronavirus.