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Director Trivikram Srinivas' Telugu movie Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava (ASVR) starring Jr NTR, Pooja Hegde and Eesha Rebba, has received positive review and good rating from the audience.

Aravinda Sametha is an action film, which has been written by director Trivikram Srinivas. Producer S Radha Krishna has bankrolled it under his banner Haarika and Hassine Creations. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2 hours 42 minutes.

Aravinda Sametha movie story: It is faction drama set in the Rayalaseema region. Veera Raghava Reddy (Jr NTR) tries to impress Aravindha (Pooja Hegde). How she sets him on a path to self-discovery and end the violence that has been going on in his family for generations forms the crux of the movie.

Analysis: Aravinda Sametha deals with a routine plot that is about the inner struggle of a man who is torn between violence and grace. Trivikram Srinivas has made it an engaging watch with some twists and turns. The first half is very entertaining, but the second half is slow and predictable in certain parts, say the audience. Read: Kayamkulam Kochunni movie review

Performances: Jr NTR has impressed everyone with his amazing acting, which is the highlight of Aravinda Sametha. Pooja Hegde has also done a good job and her chemistry with the hero is one of the many attractions of the film. Eesha Rebba, Sunil, Naga Babu, Jagapathi Babu and Supriya Pathak have done justice to their roles and they are also among the assets of the movie, say the audience.

Technical: Aravinda Sametha has top-notch production values. S Thaman-composed songs and background score, PS Vinod's beautiful picturisation, Naveen Nooli's sharp editing, stylish action choreography and dailogues are attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Aravinda Sametha review live updates: We bring you some viewers' reaction on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#AravindhaSametha: A faction story that is told in convincing manner. Brilliant performance from NTR! He carries the movie entirely. Story is as old as faction feuds but Trivikram's dialogues are sharp as sickle. Performances and penultimate sequences make it worth a watch. #AravindhaSametha: Jagapathi Babu has once again given terrific performance. The Seema dialect is perfect. The highlights are: first 35 minutes and climax sequences. Downside: weak romantic thread and lengthy run time.

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan

#AravindaSametha - A terrific @tarak9999 elevates a tried-and-tested story of factionalism, revenge and politics, giving us a film that works largely due to its emotional core. It isn't #Trivikram's best work, but definitely a step up after the dismal Agnyaathavaasi. Shout-out to Ram-Laxman for the amazing action sequences in #AravindaSametha. That opening action stretch had me at the edge of my seat throughout. Thumbs up to @MusicThaman's BGM. For a film that's fuelled by the ideologies of its women - a welcome change in mainstream cinema and a masterstroke by #Trivikram - wish #AravindaSametha gave them more screen space, especially for Supriya Pathak and Eswari Rao.

RaJiV‏ @RajivAluri

#AravindaSametha is about @tarak9999 's excellent acting and #Trivirkam's content driven writing. Each and every character is perfectly justified. @MusicThaman 's BGM is glorifying ..scene lags and lacking entertainment are minus... Worth Watching

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#AravindaSametha [3.25/5]: A good entertainer with faction violence as backdrop and women empowerment message.. #NTR @tarak9999 dominates the proceedings from start to end.. With his powerful screen presence and dialogue delivery.. His performance in stunt seqs Vera Level.. #AravindaSametha [3.25/5] : Villain @IamJagguBhai is relentless and menacing.. @hegdepooja looks great and kudos for dubbing her lines in Telugu.. #EshwariRao in a short role and what a performance.. #AravindaSametha [3.25/5] : @MusicThaman 's BGM is Thaaru maaru, especially in action sequences and elevation scenes.. Songs r very integral to the story and he has delivered them perfectly.. #RamLaxman Stunt choreography deserves special mention.. #AravindaSametha [3.25/5]: Writer / Dir #Trivikram has bounced back.. No needless item songs.. Jus the story with required amount of entertainment and message.. With a star hero like #NTR, he hits the Bulls eye.. Go for it!

Hemanth Kumar C R‏ @crhemanth

If you thought the ink in #Trivikram's pen was over, wait till you watch #AravindhaSametha. A remarkable film from a master who is on top of his game. Hands down my favourite film of Trivikram since Khaleja. And a stunning performance by #NTR. Go watch it!!! he difference between "Good, Bad, And Ugly" and "Unforgiven" in the Western drama genre. Woah!!!! Brilliant brilliant film! #AravindaSametha

venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews

#AravindhaSametha 1st half Abv Avg-Hit 2nd Half Hit to Super Hit NTR proves yet again why he's one of the best actors! Trivikram did a great job. @MusicThaman BGM and songs are a major highlight! Rating: 3.25-3.5 BO range depends on how common audience connect to emotion #AravindhaSametha For the people saying it lacks entertainment: This is not supposed to be a comedy movie!! It's a movie filled with emotions so obviously there isn't going to be that many comedy scenes. Grow Up!

Thyview‏ @Thyview

Terrific first 20 mins -less comedy +good interval +rao ramesh scene (best dhamki to villains ever) +torch bearer scene +dance (reddy song) -more dialogues (less action ) +very Good Climax #AravindhaSametha Is a winner..!! Complete Mass from #Trivikram Thyview Rating : 7.5/10

Nikhil Reddy‏ @sainikhilreddy7

#AravindaSametha First half - Decent so far. First 20 minutes and interval fight are the highlights. #NTR at his best ! #AravindaSametha Second half totally saves the film and makes everyone leave the theatre without any negative thoughts about the film. #AravindhaSametha #NTR's one man show. Second half saves the film. Not a typical #Trivikram movie but has enough elements to attract mass and family audience for a decent one time watch . 3.25/5 #AravindhaSametha @hegdepooja is impressive in her meaty role. Sunil is unfortunately wasted. Jagapathi Babu is terrific. @MusicThaman songs and bgm work well in theatres. #AravindhaSametha Absolutely no comedy or punch dialogues but there are some very mensingful dialogues here and there. Missing #Trivikram's Athadu, Khaleja and Attarintiki Daredi style of dialogues. #AravindhaSametha Storyline is pretty simple and bears resemblance to Mirchi but Trivikram's new style of treatment and emotional sequences save the film from beijg routine.

Sri Harsha‏ @maddyraje

#aravindasametha movie is good inspite trivikram taking too many liberties. Message conveyed straight forward. 3vi showcases cause and aftermath of a war (faction is just a backdrop). Tarak is #aravindasametha first 30 min is terrific and the best i have seen in recent times. Well choreographed, shot and edited. Usually directors reserve their best for interval or climax but 3vi starts with a crucial episode shows he is focused on telling a story

idlebrain jeevi‏ @idlebrainjeevi

Interval of #AravindaSametha now. With a couple of heavy action fights and a lot of light moments, first half of the film is good. If it goes the same way in second half, it's going to be a blockbuster. Tarak rocks and Trivikram is in his elements! Factionism gets Trivikram's treatment in #AravindaSametha. He didn't deviate from story for the sake of entertainment and didn't write prasa dialogue for the sake of comedy. NTR delivers one if his finest performances. Will surely be a hit. Range depends on climax likability

Deepak Karamungikar‏ @DKaramungikar

And a big shoutout to @IamJagguBhai for another terrific performance. What a man! He will soon be counted among all time greats like Kota Srinivasa Rao. #AravindaSametha Form is temporary, class is permanent. But a writer's pen is immortal. #Trivikram pierces words through your hearts while @tarak9999 continues his golden form. First 20 mins will dazzle fans and last 40 mins were amazing. Slow in the middle but a good film!#AravindaSametha

Movie Lovers‏ @tweetodyamam

#AravindaSametha first 30min is extraordinary (Eraga Den..... U) then sunil entry he is playing on his pitch set by trivikram...... So far going great....already got my ticket worth... #AravindaSametha later on uts decent first half with comedy intervenes the emotional part 2nd half is emotional and good @tarak9999 did his best as always its a decent film from trivikram.

Sasi‏ @sasidharanne

Done with #AravindaSametha , #Trivikram take on faction . Watch it for @tarak9999 intense action, first 20 mins are brutal and best intro for Tarak ever. No unnecessary comedy scenes and movie completely revolves around the main plot. Don't miss this intense drama!! @MusicThaman BGM is awesome , #Penviti song trailer disappoint chesina on screen too good . First song is ram rudhiram , reddy song for fans. Climax is one of the best so far in factions movies Good comeback for #Sunil , its an important character for the movie. But it's delight to see banthi back on screen, @hegdepooja is good and plays a important character in hero journey in movie . Ladies characters are strong , kudos to #Trivikram

Dr. Raj K‏ @GouthamRaju9

A very different movie from Trivikram and did a great job.@tarak9999 is still the most talented & gifted actor Tollywood has ever seen and he continues to show it, best score @MusicThaman has ever composed. And oh yea, welcome back Sunil annai! #AravindaSametha

кяιѕн мєℓℓємρυ∂ι @MELLEMPUDIS

#AravindaSametha The much awaited film in recent times.Trivikram from scene1 tried to convey single message that is to spread peace.I am Not sure how many will connect to his views for full length.Personally, I felt this story is nothing new to telugu audience so trivikram should have concentrated more on Sceeenplay and elevation scenes instead on dialogues.His mark dialogues are there as usual.Big disappointment for "peniviti" song..THAMAN babu no BGM at all in few scenes. Highlights: Tarak entry scene and fight. Jagapathi Babu acting Trivikram mark dialogues. Minus: 1.Screenplay 2.BGM  3.Routine story with very slow narration.Go and watch it for TARAK ❤❤

Chaitanya Somavajhala @ChaitanSrk

Pretty much strictly average first half for #AravindaSametha While the serious stuff was well shot, the comedy scenes kill the tempo. Disappointed. Hope the second half impresses. Alright, here's my review of #AravindaSametha The movie which is supposed to answer the questions faced by Trivikram's pen power just manages to be okay barring an impressive climax

Shiva Sai Teja‏ @shivasaiteja12

Good first half !!! Though the narration is a bit slow, Completely content oriented!! All the characters given equal importance but NTR Tops the lot with his fantastic performance!! No shitty scenes!! #AravindhaSamethaEuphoria #AravindaSametha #AravindaSamethaPremiere Movie done!!! Trivikram sir sticks to his plot and makes a good comeback!!! NTR incomparable!! Jagapathi Babu bests his Rangasthalam performance

Karthik Marampally‏ @karthikreddy564

#AravindaSametha #AravindaSamethaVeeraRaghava first half superb Paisa vasoooool.... masssss @MusicThaman background score highlight #usa #seattle Full movie watched... super duper mass hit perfect second half..perfect rayalaseema faction movie... #trivikram direction @tarak9999 acting awesome..@MusicThaman @hegdepooja welldone

Sushanth Nallapareddy @sushanthreddy

Interval ! Guruji guri thappala... slight ga thapinchadu. Nice first half with terrific opening and interval. No deviation from from plot whatsoever. #AravindhaSametha 2nd half dragged a bit in between... but #AravindhaSametha is worked in many other ways. Has some amazing scenes which which fans can enjoy and some great lines which reminded the vintage Trivikram. An emotional ride seen through many woman's eyes. NTR and Trivikram combination is leather... I wish they make more and more movies. Trivikram went out with all he has... and ntr gave life to his words and scenes with full rage. dialoges and action episode rachal lepayi. #AravindhaSametha This the first satisfying ntr film for me after long long time. Prethi saari excite avvadam... choodatam.. mounam ga ravatam. Kaani Ee saari ala kaadhu... some scenes gave me unbelievable high. Missed watch in Indian single screen. #AravindhaSametha First half an hours. Interval episode. Minister tho meeting scene. Torchbearer scenes. Last 30 mins !! Pure Trivikram and ntr mass. #AravindhaSametha

SADDY @king_sadashiva

Oora Masss Opening 15 Mins Good 1st 15 mins and interval fight. BGM, NTR Nothing else to talk about. Average 1st half. Rao Ramesh tho meeting scene Superb‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ Best scene of the film so far #AravindaSametha #AravindhaSamethaVeeraRaghava Better second half. Above average fare. Too serious and loud at times with some good scenes and performances. Lacks emotional connect and entertainment which srimanthudu had (Similar agenda film). Trivikram mark totally missing as it seems more like Boya movie. #AravindaSametha Music Big minus and so does Pooja Hegde. If we see as a NTR film, masses may find it decent but as a Trivikram film disappoints big time. #AravindhaSametha #AravindhaSamethaVeeraRaghava

Ourtarak‏ @ourtarak

#AravindhaSametha Decent first half with terrific interval fight And very good emotional second half 2nd half emotion connect itey long awaited BB kottesinatey..!!Pinned tweet.

యంగ్ టైగర్ ఎన్టీఆర్!‏ @TeamNTRYuvasena

#AravindaSametha A new age commercial story telling by #Trivikram he Just nailed it. Values, Intense, emotion, depth, elevations what not. And @tarak9999 a fire blow. Loved it 2 d core. #HappySoul #AravindhaSamethaEuphoria #BlockbusterOfTheYear #AravindhaSamethaDay @MusicThaman

Aravinda Sametha
Aravinda SamethaTwitter

Ramcharan️‏ @RamcharanFan9

Just now completed show #AravindaSametha what a movie handsoff to #TrivikramSrinivas garu cute expressions by @hegdepooja @yourseesha. Inka Emi undhi #tarak Anna gurinchi cheppakkkaraledu kummi avathala padesadu what an acting #blockbusterAravindhaSametha

Uttam Hanush‏ @uttamhanush

NTR is god. Slang vintinnappudu sammaga undi. Performance and dialogue delivery pekaadesaadu. Disappointed with 3V writing, Became over preachy. Commercial ga score cheyyochu but I didn't like the movie overall. One time watch for NTR and Jaggubhai effort #AravindaSametha

Truths Spoken‏ @TruthsSpoken1

#AravindaSametha , a good watch for @tarak9999's stellar performance, #TrivikramSrinivas 's brilliance in writing. Enjoyed every second in the movie. Congrats @hegdepooja @IamJagguBhai #sunil #AravindhaSamethaDay #TFI #ASVR rating: 8.5/10 No comedy and long conversations are cons

Maverick‏ @vasireddyDev

#AravindaSametha very good movie. Great story because of a very different ending. Jagapathi Babu is awesome as the bad guy, and they build that badness up till the climax. @tarak9999 acting in emotional scenes is awesome. Fight scenes are a bit overboard,masala for masses I guess

Sairam Yendluri‏ @sairam_y

Incidentally or Intentionally NTR movies portrays Women emotions. This time it is of Wife's and THE POWER OF WOMAN. A must watch movie #AravindaSametha Movie Line: Greatness not lies in Winning the War, it is in Stopping the War...

Vineeth‏ @cvsvineeth

What a spectacular performance by NTR @tarak9999 You need to just watch the performance in the first 20 min of this film to see what a great actor he is.Trivikram's dialogues, direction and NTR's great performance makes #AravindaSametha a good film to watch.

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