A year ago, AR Rahman's daughter was heavily trolled for wearing a burqa, the music maestro also came under fire for making her do so. Last year, AR Rahman hit back at trolls, arguing that women in his family had the freedom to dress the way they wanted.

A year later, Khatija Rahman found herself back in the same place, when author Taslima Nasreen made a Twitter comment on her photo where she dons a burqa, giving fodder to internet trolls and soon the issue blew up. Following heavy trolling, the composer's daughter broke her silence, with a winning response to Nasreen's comment. 

When a comment gives way to trolls

Talima Nasreen has been known for her controversial statements in the past. On 11th February, she posted a photo of the musician's daughter on Twitter, writing about her choice of dress while commending her father's music, "I absolutely love A R Rahman's music. But whenever i see his dear daughter, i feel suffocated. It is really depressing to learn that even educated women in a cultural family can get brainwashed very easily!" 

The comment soon gained a huge response, which led to Khatija being trolled over wearing a burqa, once again. However, there was backlash to Nasreen's statement, that come from other quarters that were more accepting of Khatija's choice. Nasreen eventually deleted the tweet and followed up with another:

Khatija silences trolls and Nasreen with her response

When the trolling got out of hand, the young girl took matters into her own hands and stood up for herself. Her Instagram post the Oscar-winning composer's daughter received a lot of love and respect for her sharp wit, emphasising that it was her choice, and she didn't regret it. 

In the post, she writes, "I'm sorry you feel suffocated by my attire. Please get some fresh air, cause I don't feel suffocated rather I'm proud and empowered for what I stand for."