Apple's much anticipated anniversary mobile iPhone 8 (aka iPhone X) was previously rumoured to debut in early September and hit stores later in the same month, but now a new report has emerged that says otherwise.

Tokyo-based Mac Otakara, known for its near-accurate predictions about smartphones, particularly Apple iPhones, has claimed that the upcoming iPhone 8 will get unveiled along with generic iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus, during the company's annual product launch in September, but special edition mobile will only be released to the market in late October or early November.

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What's causing the delay of Apple iPhone 8 production?

Though there is no specific inputs on causes for the delay,  it is believed that the iPhone 8's new radically redesigned body is apparently slowing the production.

However, the good news is that Apple has finally succeeded in incorporating the in-screen fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 8. Even the official iPhone 8 prototype shell cases, which in the custody of Macotakara, shows that there is no physical space on the back and also the power button on the right side too is in normal size.

Previously, Apple was rumoured to have removed the physical home-cum- fingerprint button and planned to place advanced in-screen finger impression scanner, but due to complication, it ditched the plan and went to back to drawing board and came up with two alternative designs, one trans-locating the sensor to back like the Google Pixel and another option of placing it on the power button on the side like Sony.

But, now it looks like Apple has somehow overcome the odds to stick to the original design.

The report also adds that Apple has succeeded in including the Iris scanner paired with FaceTime camera on the front. It is is also believed that it will have 3D imaging capability, wherein the iPhone 8 users will be able to play AR (Augmented Reality) games on their devices with the protagonists featuring a 3D image of their own face.

Apple iPhone 8, image, design language, front panel, Iris scanner, FaceTime camera
Apple iPhone 8 news alert: Anniversary mobile release may get delayed, but coming with game-changing security featuresMac Otakara

It has to be noted that Iris scanner also comes with facial gesture recognisable sensor, which will offer game-changing contactless screen unlocking feature. It is said to be more secure than the Galaxy S8 (S8+)'s face scanner, which apparently can be tricked by using just a portrait photo of the device owner.

Other expected features of iPhone 8 include True Tone display feature (as seen in the iPad Pro), new generation Apple A11 Fusion CPU, higher RAM and battery capacity with wireless charging technology, a first for iPhone series.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple iPhone 7 PlusApple Newsroom

Apple iPhone 7s & the 7s Plus: What we know so far

The generic iPhone 7s and the 7s Plus are said to have identical design language as seen on the predecessors — iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, respectively.

However, they will come with incremental upgrades in terms of internal hardware, which includes new A11 series Fusion CPU backed by 3GB RAM and bigger battery.

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