Scammers have utilized a fake event stream, a faked Apple website, and the promise of free Bitcoin to scam unsuspecting fans simultaneously during the iPhone 13 launch event.

Revealing the scam, AppleInsider said people looking for the Apple Event on September 14 who may have stumbled into a lookalike stream, showing old interviews with Apple CEO Tim Cook instead of the "California Streaming" stream.

Those who stuck around saw messages pop up in the video telling them to visit a special website -, the report said.

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As reported by Zscaler, the website looked like a fake version of Apple's website, advertising a Bitcoin giveaway. All the person had to do was send 0.1 to 20 Bitcoin through a QR code to have double that amount sent back.

This was a scam, but there was just enough care taken to convince people it was legitimate. Over $69,000 was sent to that Bitcoin wallet showing the scheme was highly successful.

Those with some technological background might spot several flaws with the website, from the grammar problems to the .org URL. However, most people with just a passing understanding of technology could have easily mistaken such a website for a legitimate promotion.

The scammer's website is currently down and will likely remain down after successfully swindling folks out of $69,000 in Bitcoin, the report said.

Scams like this have occurred on YouTube before, with random channels being hacked to display Bitcoin promotions.

(With inputs from IANS)