Anushka Shetty has written a meaningful letter on depression on her social media account. She has asked people to be more compassionate and caring, while stressing on the importance of making small changes in life.

Anushka Shetty
Anushka Shetty has written a meaningful letter on depression.PR Handout

The Baahubali actress claims that every human has his own share of lows and highs and one should learn to embrace it to grow. She points out that a person's present in one's life to make a big difference to another's life.

Check out the complete text that she posted on Instagram:

Every single one of us out there can only handle a situation only the way we know how to .. no one is ever ever perfect .....

there is no right way ,no wrong ,we are not born with a road map, to get through life one has ever , Each one of us big or small are vulnerable in our own ways ...

each one of us do break inside ..and it's ok ..some cry out for help some cry in silence,some distract , some indulge each one has their own ways and some are helpless ...let each one of us please in our own beautiful broken ways learn to be there for each other in our own small ways ... Let's learn to be more kind .. Let's
Learn to empathise
Let's Learn to be a lil more compassionate
Let's learn to love a lil more ..
Let's learn to listen more ...

Let's Learn to communicate ... Let's learn to be weak ... Let's learn to be strong ..
Let's all Learn to be all that we feel inside ..and embrace it and grow ... We are human... a smile , a listening ear, a gentle touch,just our presence to another person known unknown can make a difference beyond our understanding ... We may not be able to change and solve everything at this very moment ..But one small step will make a difference ...As they say Changes happen slowly in a million moments that look the same....
Stay safe
Reach out
We are all human
Smile always

Sushant's Shock
This message comes after Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood's promising star, ended his life with suicide. He was found dead at his residence on Sunday, 15 Mumbai. His demise has come as a shock to the whole nation.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh RajputInstagram

It also raised debates on mental health issues and how the society is handling the issue of depression. Many celebrities have spoken about mental health issues.

Notably, Deepika Padukone has spoken about the mental health issues. She wrote, "As a person who has had a lived experience with mental illness, I cannot stress enough about the importance of reaching out. Talk. Communicate. Express. Seek help. Remember, you are not alone. We are all in this together. And most importantly, there is hope," she posted.