Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap has given a hilarious reply to his death hoax, saying that he met Yamraj yesterday, but today, Yamraj himself dropped him back at his home, saying that he has to make more movies.

Anurag Kashyap is one of the ace Bollywood filmmakers and he has created a different set of audiences and fans for himself with the kind of movies he has done. At the same time, he has earned a large number of haters for his political views, which gets him trolled often on social media.

A Twitter handle, which is notorious for writing gossips, shocked all his fans last night, by announcing that Anurag Kashyap passed away. KRK Box Office tweeted, "#RIP #AnuragKashyap! He was really a great storyteller! We will always miss you sir!" After seeing this tweet, many people, who were saddened by the news about his demise, started browsing more information about his death.

When Anurag Kashyap's fans found out that it was a death hoax, they slammed KRK Box Office for spreading false news. After seeing the flood of hate message, the portal offered an apology and tweeted, "We are very sorry that one of our staff misunderstood the name of #AnuragKapoor with #AnuragKashyap and published a wrong news about Anurag Kashyap Ji. RIP #AnuragKapoor Ji! "

Anurag Kashyap
Anurag KashyapVarinder Chawla

Anurag Kashyap was amused by the news about his death trending on social media this morning. He took to his Twitter page to share a hilarious message on his death hoax in Hindi, literal translation of which reads, "Met Yamraj yesterday. Today, Yamraj himself dropped me back at my home. He told me, 'you have to make more films. If you don't make a film, how can the blind bhakts boycott your films?"

The fans of Anurag Kashyap were happy with his response, but his haters were furious with his taunt – 'blind bhakts boycott his films'. They replied to his post and gave hilarious responses to the filmmaker.

Here are some hilarious responses to Anurag Kashyap's tweet on death hoax:

Anaesthesia @TheQues29365907

Even Yamraj doesnt want you in his kingdom. He couldnt spent a day with you. What a pity. Now we have to suffer. Bhai log jhelna padega. isko aur iske movies ko. Uthale re baba.

Ankitt @AnkitSeedpur

What do you mean bhagat and bewkoff are same. Remember bhagat word is not only meant for BJP followers ask your mom and dad if they are bhagat of any god if they say yes that means they are

SINGH RK_INDIAN @rajusingh5678

Are Nahi Anurag ji..wahan charas nahi milte Hain..aap rayta faila doge isliye wapas fenk diya yamraj ne..kamra ke saath baithkar funko.

Chand @Nidar_Bharatiya

Bhagwan ko manne walo ki bhakt kehte hein... Aur Shaitan ko maane wale asur... Aaab tune khud ko Asur maan liya tu hum kiya Kare... Yeh Dharm yudh hein Aur Asuro ka Vinash Nischit hein....

Bani @Bani32617025

In that case, may be yamraaj has given you second chance!! Better you introspect and do something actually meaningful with it .

Tat Twam Asi @twam_tat

Sir jooth kyun bol rahe ho.....shayad yamraj Ko bhi apna Kahini sunaye honge....wo haath jodke aapko vapas chodke Gaye honge