Vishnu Manchu in Ram Gopal Varma's Anukshanam
Vishnu Manchu in AnukshanamPR Handouts

Vishnu Manchu's "Anukshanam" has received good reviews from critics.

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, "Anukshanam" is a crime thriller with Vishnu playing the role of a cop. The film also has Revathi and Surya in pivotal roles.

Plot: A series of killings involving beautiful girls rattles Hyderabad. ACP Gautham (Manchu Vishnu) and his team find out that a psycho killer is involved in the murders of the girls. However, he doesn't get much clue about the murderer. He takes help from Sailaja (Revathi), an expert, who has studied the psychology of killers, to track the culprit. The rest of the story is about whether Gautham succeeds in his attempt.

Critics have termed "Anushkanam" as an engaging psycho thriller. Interesting screenplay, Vishnu and Revathi's performances are the major plus points of the film.

Brahmanandam's track and some loopholes are the minus points of the crime thriller.

Check below the review roundup of "Anukshanam"

Kudos to Vishnu and Varma for putting efforts in what they believed in. What forms is a Telugu film on the lines of a Hollywood film. Especially the film's pace is what hooks and engages audience throughout the film. Vishnu Manchu succeeds in keeping you on your toes, according to Gulte.

"Anukshanam is surely RGV's better films in the recent past. Interesting set up, racy narration and superb performance by Vishnu are huge assets. On the flip side, simple loop holes and a hurried up climax spoil the fun to an extent. Finally, if you go in without expectations and go with the mood of the film, you will surely end up liking this decent psycho thriller," according to 123telugu.

"For those of you wishing to watch Vishnu in an extended role, 'Anukshanam' disappoints a bit because Vishnu is as less larger-than-life as he can be. He delivers a decent performance showing the right emotion," according to Indiaglitz.

"What makes 'Anukshanam' work is the performances of cast especially Vishnu, Revathi & Psycho Killer. Surely, Its the best product from Ram Gopal Varma in the recent past and he deserves credit for extracting the right kind of output from his actors apart from ensuring that the film is an edge of the seat thriller," according to AP Today.

Verdict: Watch it for Vishnu's Performance