After showing strong signs of flattening the coronavirus chaos curve, the Covid pandemic is once again bothering medical experts in the United States. Triggered by the Delta variant, coronavirus infections are once again rising in the US, especially in Los Angeles county. According to the latest updates, LA County witnessed more than 1,000 fresh Covid cases in the fourth straight day. 

Unvaccinated people in trouble

On Monday, Los Angeles County witnessed 1,059 cases. On Friday, 1,044 coronavirus cases were reported in the County, followed by 1,069 and 1,113 cases on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Los Angeles authorities revealed that 99 percent of the people who face hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated people. 

covid-19 vaccination

"Over 99 percent of the COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths we are seeing are among unvaccinated individuals," said Barbara Ferrer, County's public health director said in a recent statement. 

It should be noted that over the seven-day period that ended on June 26, the County had reported an average of just under 250 new coronavirus cases a day, which means the number has tripled in just two weeks. County authorities also suggested that the percentage of fully vaccinated people continue to have low rates of coronavirus cases. 

Hospitalizations and fresh cases rise

Over the past seven days, the state has reported an average of 2,173 new Covid cases a day, a 124 percent rise from two weeks ago. In the same time period, statewide hospitalizations increased by 51 percent reaching 1,484 on Sunday. Authorities revealed that vaccination is very much necessary to reduce hospitalizations and mortalities associated with the coronavirus infection. 

Even though vaccination rollout is progressing steadily in California, and 59 percent of the residents have already received the initial shot, millions of people are yet to come forward to inoculate themselves, due to anti-vaccine campaigns, and due to the crucial age factor.