Anthariksham movie review
Touted to be a space thriller, the movie Anthariksham is all set for its release tomorrow.

Director Sankalp Reddy, who garnered huge critical acclamation for his movie Ghazi, seems to be all set for antoher acclaim with his new film Antariksham, scheduled to hit the screens on Friday, December 21, 2018.

With so much hype around the release, here are the probable reasons why one can venture out to see the film in theatres on the first weekend itself. 

1. Space thriller: In the Telugu movie industry, content-based scripts are being welcomed widely after the success of "Bahubali 2". Movies belonging to all genres are being accepted wholeheartedly despite the colossal mass audience and relative taste differences.

Sci-fi movies and related scripts work well only when the audience is convinced to go to the theatres. Antariksham has grabbed the attention of the movie buffs from the start. As the trailers and other promotional videos carry enough weightage, Antariksham stand to benefit as a decent space thriller.

2. Director Sankalp Reddy: Director Sankalp Reddy who made an impact with his debut movie 'The Ghazi Attack', has created his own mark. The movie Ghazi earned him critical acclamation, and hence the movie-goers believe in Sankalp Reddy's directorial efforts.

Sankalp Reddy appears confident and has revealed the little secrets behind the inspiration behind the script of Antariksham, which has created an interest among the audience. To groom upcoming writers like Kittu Vissapragada for dialogues has an added advantage for the director.

3. Zero Gravity Visuals: Director Sankalp Reddy who had a chit-chat with media during the promotions of Antariksham movie had revealed some important scenes in the movie. The movie Antariksham was shot in zero-gravity conditions to create a realistic flyinf in space feeling with full effect. The actors Varun Tej and others were trained to act in zero gravity conditions for this purpose. Moreover, watching the scenes which were really made in zero-gravity or extreme space conditions is more than a thriller.

4. Graphics: As it is a known fact that Antariksham is a space thriller, it was revealed that the makers of the movie had used mind-blowing graphics in the making.

Director Sukumar who attended the trailer launch of Antariksham had mentioned that he was thrilled to know that the VFX team was working with more than 1500 computers to provide visuals for the movie. He also told that movies like Antariksham must be encouraged.

5.Star Cast: Like the movie, Antariksham boasts of high content, it has a brilliant star cast too. Varun Tej, who has proved himself as an actor is seen as an astronaut in this space thriller. Aditi Rao Hydari and Lavanya Tripathi are to share the screen alongside Varun Tej, which again, is an interesting aspect.

6. Patriotism and Emotion: Going by the teaser and the trailer, it appears that there would be an emotional touch and patriotic reference in the movie Antariksham, which is one of the most interesting aspects to draw the audience all the way to theatres.