World's highest polling station
A view of the world's highest polling station in LadakhCEO Ladakh

Situated at an altitude of 15000 feet in the cold desert of Ladakh, the Anlay Pho is one of the highest polling stations in the world where elections will be held on May 20 during the fifth phase of the general elections.

The station, perched at an altitude of 15,000 feet, serves 84 registered voters from a highly mobile tribe who must walk for miles to cast their ballots. The polling station will be set up in a tent.

The world's highest polling station is set up for 32 families comprising 84 registered voters. Among these registered voters, Padma Dorjey, 94-year-old, is the eldest among all the electorates.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, voter turnout at this tented polling booth was 57 percent. Election officers face significant challenges due to the remote location, harsh weather conditions, and lack of mobile connectivity.

If the weather worsens, roads can become impassable. To ensure the booth is operational, election officers would arrive in Anlay Pho two days early and set it up in a tent.

Over 7000 first-time voters are a deciding factor in the Ladakh Lok Sabha seat

Out of a total of 1,82,571 electors, 7030 are first-time voters and these voters are the deciding factor in the Ladakh Lok Sabha seat where polling will be held on May 20 during the fifth phase of elections.
Three candidates contesting for the Ladakh seat are focussing on these first-timer voters

Out of a total of 1,82,571 electors, 91703 are male voters and 90868 are female voters.

276 critical polling stations in Ladakh

As per the data shared by the Chief Electoral Officer Ladakh, out of the total of 577 polling stations in Ladakh 276 are critical polling stations, situated on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
Out of these 276 critical polling stations, 113 are situated in the Leh district, and the remaining 163 are in the Kargil district.

Centenarian voter Haji Yousuf casts his vote
In Ladakh, in a remarkable display of civic engagement, Haji Yousuf, aged 108 years from Karkitcho, has cast his vote through the Postal Ballot Team of Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) Kargil.

Haji Yousuf's participation underscores the enduring spirit of democracy and serves as an inspiration to citizens of all ages.

In a message after casting his vote, Haji Yousuf emphasized its paramount importance in shaping the nation's destiny. He urged fellow citizens to exercise their franchise conscientiously on May 20th, 2024, underscoring the responsibility entrusted upon every voter to contribute to the democratic process.

ARO Postal Abdul Hadi presented traditional "Khataks" on behalf of District Election Officer Kargil and congratulated Haji Yousuf for achieving this milestone and prayed for his long life.