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On Thursday, a man was arrested in Bengaluru by the police after he was found to have slit the throat of his ex-wife. According to reports, Kaleem Sharif a 48-year-old was upset over his divorce. 

The murder took place in JP Nagar on Wednesday. After their divorce Sharif and his ex-wife, Nazneen had an altercation upon returning to their house. 

Sharif killed his ex-wife, upset over divorce

Kaleem Sharif and his wife Nazneen, a 45-year-old woman had been married for 25. Due to their growing differences, Nazneen had taken him to the Bannerghatta mosque to settle the divorce. The couple upon returning from the mosque had a heated fight.

It was reported that the two were arguing over financial issues and had mutually decided to call off the marriage. Kaleem was reportedly suspicious over her cheating on him as well. After their visit to the mosque, back in their rented house in Vikas Enclave, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Kaleem took a knife from the kitchen and slit Nazneen's throat. She died on the spot.

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The two have five children together, of them their 14-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son were at home when the murder took place. While Kaleem fled the police were alerted and on Thursday they nabbed the man. Kaleem has been booked under Section 302 of the IPC. 

Speaking about the matter to ANI, DCP for South Bengaluru, Harish Pandey said, "The couple were often having fights over money & the suspicion by the man about his wife having an illicit affair. Case registered yesterday."