From Andar Ki Baat to Antique: Five ultra-hot web series streaming on Ullu App

Ullu App has lined up its arsenal with several hot erotic web series for audiences

Amid looming controversies, the parallel erotic web series industry is thriving in India, and the market is witnessing several OTT platforms competing with each other to produce adult content for their users. 

Ullu App can be considered one of the pioneers in this industry, and this application has been producing several erotic short films and web series for audiences over the past few years. 

Ullu App
Screengrab from Ullu App

International Business Times, India edition, presents you with the list of the five latest adult web series which is currently streaming on the Ullu App. 

Andar Ki Baat

Andar Ki Baat is one of the latest hot web series which is currently available for streaming on Ullu App. The main highlight of this series is the performance from its lead actor Riddhima Tiwary. 

"In a neighborhood, there are two women, one who dries her undergarments openly on the rooftop, and the other who discreetly hides them while drying. Some boys believe that the lady who openly dries her undergarments is easily approachable, but they are severely punished. While, the lady who dries them discreetly ends up having an affair with the boy," writes Ullu in the series description. 

Sabak Ishq Ka

Another hot web series which is currently streaming on Ullu App is Sabak Ishq Ka. This series stars Mussarat Ali, Lovepreet Kaur, and Anita Jaiswal in the lead roles. 

The series is loaded with several intimate scenes, and it is gaining popularity among viewers who love semi-erotic content. 

Gaon Ki Garmi

The much popular Gaon Ki Garmi franchise is back with its fourth edition, and it is currently getting positive reviews from audiences. 

This hot web series stars Mahi Kaur, Suraiya Shekh, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Fahim Islam in the lead roles. 

The series narrates the story of young couples Sonu and Nisha. However, at one point in time, their relationship started to face a strain when Sonu develops an intimate affair with his aunt. 

Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredient is another popular erotic web series which is currently streaming on Ullu App. Payal Patil and Pooja Singh play the lead roles in this series, and it is loaded with ample moments of love making scenes. 

"Niharika's life has become dull, as her sex life has turned mundane and colorless. Her life turns upside down when she learns about Flora's sex classes, and once she enrolls in it, she learns the true meaning of pleasure," writes Ullu in the series' description. 


Antique is undoubtedly one of the hottest web series released on the Ullu App in recent times. 

The series showcases the story of an antique shop owner who blackmails vulnerable customers to satisfy his sexual needs.