Anand Mandal

Pele, the well-known soccer athlete has rightly said, "Success is No Accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing." Anand Mandal is an example of this. Struggling with various hardships of life and emerging victorious in all, is what defines him.

Known for his videos on YouTube, he is moving forward while leaving a strong mark on the youth. No one's success can indeed be measured by materialistic pursuits but by the love they receive from their family. Similarly, his entire family has made him earn the most reputed marks in the social media world.

With over 9.5 Million social media followers, he has over 4.3 Million followers on Facebook and 660+ Lakh followers on Instagram. With this, he has 3.3 Million+ Subscribers on Anand Mandal Shorts, 1.21 Lakh Subscribers on Anand Mandal Production, and more than 1.05 million subscribers on Anand Mandal YouTube. Along with this, he has earned 3 Silver Play Buttons and 2 Gold Play Buttons from YouTube for his contribution.

Adding to this long list of achievements, Anand Mandal has Long Videos Views which are 3 Billion, and Short Videos Views which are 2 Billion. Thus, he had more than 5 Billion Views on his social media.

All this did not come served on a silver platter to him. He worked day and night for this. From failing in XII class due to his extreme inclination towards video editing to short trips from Kolayat to Bikaner for recording and editing videos, he always found himself amidst this. His first breakthrough came when his video got 2.1 million views in just 1 week. This was however not his first video. This was followed by his shift to Delhi and the worst possible time of his life. As he was facing a crisis while adjusting in Delhi, he lost his father in 2019 and everything cracked like a ball of glass.

Struggling to be the head of his family, he found himself in a dilemma of following his dreams or supporting his family. He chose not one but both! He started working on his videos and editing them so that they reached those who needed a hand in getting up. With not one, two, or ten but 57 videos online, he was no more an ordinary man struggling with life. Rather he was someone who had turned fate in his favor through hard work, perseverance, studying, sacrifice, and most importantly his love for what you are doing.

Videos like Jhooth - Dark Side of Social Media PAPER-BOY 2 - Story of A Middle-Class Boy Shaheed - Heart Touching Story SABAK - Reality of Humanity and SOCH - Periods Are Not A MISTAKE gave people, rather the struggling youth a sneak peek at a future of peace where they dealt with the chaos and achieved tranquility in commotion.

He believes, "Whatever I have earned is not just because of me but because of my family of more than 9.5 million people. I know how it feels to be in a dark place, to be criticized, and to feel that numbness in your bones. But I also know how it feels when all of it is over and what is left is that feeling of warmth. I think everybody should feel that way. And whether minutely or at large I will always be there for the people who think want someone to hear them and just be there for them."