In this time of 24 hours news flashing on your TV screen or trending on social media, there is a high possibility that the news, though important, would mostly leave your attention.

But once in a while, we across stories of mankind that not only ease us but give us hope that there are kind and helpful people in this world and not all good things have been lost in thin ear. And, that there are people who acknowledge such kind acts and encourage others to follow the lead.

Anand Mahinda's Monday Motivation

Mahindra group's chairman, Anand Mahindra, is one such person who has often noticed and celebrated people and their actions for going out of their way to bring any kind of positive change in society.


One such story of a young auto driver who helped a lost baby girl find her parents at the cost of his daily earnings was reported by a national daily and caught the attention of Anand Mahindra. He not only shared the story on his Twitter timeline but requested the reporter of the story to share the contact details of the driver who helped the little girl find her parents.

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Anand Mahindra, chairman and managing director of Mahindra GroupReuters file

Auto driver helps 4-year-old unite with parents

The article in question reports the story of the young auto driver, Majid Baig, in Bangalore. 

Baig noticed the four-year-old girl walking alone on the pathway, crying and apparently lost. He tried to console the girl and took her to the police station where even the officers could not get the girl to tell about her address or any substantial information about her parents. Baig then accompanied the girl from one station to another helping police find clues about the girl's parents.

Meanwhile, at a different police station, the girl's' parents reached out and reported about their daughter missing from their home. Both the police stations coordinated and eventually were able to unite the girl with her parents.

The ordeal ended with the heart-touching scene when the parents of the girl, immigrant workers from Uttar Pradesh, could not stop thanking Baig for taking so much pain and ensuring a safe return of their daughter.

Monday motivation

Baig had his reason for the effort he took. He saw his daughter in the four-year-old girl and could not just turn a blind eye and leave the girl unattended on the sideways, all alone and crying. Instead, he took it upon himself to help find the girl's parents.

As the saying goes, when you do anything whole-heartedly, the entire universe helps you in your effort. It turned to be true in Baig's case as well.

Whatever the reason that drove Baig in his effort, it surely it brightened up the day for all of us, including Ananda Mahinda.