Amrutham is one of the classic and healthy comedy serial, which has entertained audiences for decades. Fifteen years ago, it came to an end. And now, again, Amrutham Dhvitheeyam has been launched.

It went on air on Zee5 on March 25th, on the occasion of Ugadi. Three episodes went on air then, but due to lockdown, the makers couldn't shoot the remaining episodes.

But due to hundreds of requests from audiences, the Zee management has decided to begin shooting in respective houses of the artistes and they have come up with the lockdown episode, which no other show couldn't do. A virtual press meet was held and the trailer of the episode was released.

Sivannarayana in Amrutham DhvitheeyamPR Handout

It's announced that two episodes of a lockdown special segment will be premiered from May 27.  The makers have also released a special teaser of the same. Starting from June 25, regular Amrutham Dhvitheeyam special episodes will be premiered every month.  The team of the comedy show and Zee5's Creative Head Prasad Nimmakayala, talking to International Business Times, India, has confirmed the dates.

Veteran actor LB Sriram, who plays Anji in the show said, "After 'GOD', this is the next big project that I signed up for Zee5.  It's a matter of honour for me. While we chose Ugadi because it's an auspicious occasion, God had other plans.  It has been a great experience working with director Sundeep."

Amrutham Dhvitheeyam
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Actor Harshavardhan, who plays the lead role in the show said, "It was due to public demand that Gunnam Gangaraju restarted the journey of Amrutham.  At a time when he was contemplating to write something else, the fans of Amrutham kept on pushing him to recreate the magic of Amrutham.  It's universally liked by one and all.  It more like the dessert that we all crave for after the meals. That's what Amrutham is like."