Amruta Fadnavis 111
Amruta Fadnavis was trolled for being part of a pre-Christmas event in Mumbai on Tuesday, December 13.Twitter

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and his wife Amruta Fadnavis were trolled on Tuesday, December 13, after the latter shared some the pictures of herself celebrating a pre-Christmas event — Be Santa campaign, ahead of the Christian festival on December 25.

Amruta, who is a classical singer and a social activist, was a part of an event organised by an FM radio channel in Mumbai, when she shared her pictures along with some kids on her Twitter handle. 

Soon after her post, the microblogging site was loaded with questions over Amruta's motive in being part of a Christian event. She along with the Maharashtra CM were bombarded with questions like, "Why a crackerless Diwali?", "Why no sharing caring celebrations on Shivaji jayanti" and the netizens even alleged that "State sponsoring Christian superstitious event to convert Hindu students while..."

Here are the tweets:

Reacting to one of the derogatory tweets, the 38-year-old Amruta chose to keep her calm and defended her stand as she tweeted: "Love , sharing & empathy have no religion - let's accept all positivity around us & stay away from negative thoughts & demotivating energies ! @ShefVaidya."

Here are the reactions of Amruta in her tweets:

Trolling well-known faces on web has been a trend for long time now. Of late actor Jacqueline Fernandes was trolled by netizens followed by Deepika Padukone who was trolled for over dress at the Lux Golden Rose Awards. Malenia Trump, wife of the United States President was also dragged in the trolling arena by the netizens when they grabbed the opportunity to comment on her statement saying "I would like to spend my holiday on a deserted island with my family." Similarly Priyanka Chopra was trolled for sharing her picture with Indira Gandhi and Adah Sharma was trolled for refusing to kiss a fan on cheek in an event.