Amitabh Bachchan is an emotional man. And he couldn't stop his tears recently after watching a Tamil song. Big B revealed that he couldn't control his emotions after watching a song sequence from a Suriya's film. He added that the moment portrayed an overwhelming moment between a father and a son and it made him simply uncontrollable.

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The post

"There are times, and there are times, and times bring more than expected at times .. last night was such .. and the emotion so great that it was difficult to control the tears .. and each time it was presented it flooded the eyes .. .. the moment cannot be shared just yet, but its lead up is here .. .. a song .. a Tamil song from a Surya film .. Surya the super star of the South," Bachchan wrote.

Big B further said, "the moment is heart breaking in the film as can be seen in the video, but yesterday it was put in a different context .. more real .. and it has made it simply uncontrollable for me stop the tears .... it bears the feel of emotion between a Father and Son .. .. this is the video .." 

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When Big B was extremely angry

This is not the first time when Big B has gotten emotional. Earlier, the superstar had spoken about being 'extremely angry' over changing houses. Bachchan had revealed that he was unable to find many manuscripts of his father, late Harivansh Rai Bachchan. He added that it happened because of changing many houses.

"And the extreme anger that all his manuscripts have not been discovered yet due to the several changes in residences ... manuscripts that when I glance through the pages of his autobiography I find reference to and never knowing where they are now," he had written.