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Choti Sarrdaarni actor Amal Sehrawat has opened up about losing his father to Covid-19 last month. He said that he saw his father once for a brief period before he succumbed to cardiac arrest.

"My father didn't have any symptoms, we took him to the hospital for some other problem. But when they tested him for COVID-19, the reports came out positive. After that, I saw him once for a brief period. He was in the ICU all this while and finally succumbed to cardiac arrest last month. It's a void that can never be filled, but he has left us with a lot of good memories and that's helping us to sail through this tough time," Amal Sherawat told TOI about his father's battle with Covid-19.

Amal lauded his mother's fight with Covid-19 and how he always been the Iron Lady of the house. "This is an extremely unpredictable virus, my father couldn't survive whereas my mother, despite being diabetic, got through it. She's fine now, physically as well as mentally. My father always called her the Iron Lady of our house and he was right," he said.

The actor also took to Instagram to apologise to his fans for not being in touch with them all this while and also thanked the media for being sensitive and considerate during these trying times.

"Dear Instagram Family

I apologise for not being active and responding to your messages since few days .

I lost my Father Mr Raj Bail Singh to Covid 19 last month and my mother also tested positive twice .

It has been a testing time for me and my family , but thanks to good memories left by my father that's helping us to sail through .

I express my heartfelt gratitude to all my friends , relatives , entire #chotisarrdaarni team for standing by me and my family throughout .

My special thanks to entire media for being so sensitive and co operative about it .

I request everyone not to panic rather understand Covid 19 and follow all the instructions to prevent it .If any symptoms surface please contact doctor immediately .

Loads of love to everyone , see you soon," Amal wrote on Instagram.