AM Ariff, Mammootty
A M Ariff invoked Mammootty's Joseph Alex IAS in the Kerala Assembly.Facebook

In the wake of Centre's notification on the ban of sale of cattle for slaughter, a special session of Kerala Assembly was held on Thursday, June 8. It was indeed an "entertaining" one as the views of the members of both the right and left wing parties were on the same page, thanks to the Keralites' love for beef as it is not just a food, but an emotion for them.

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From VS Achuthanandan to B Ganesh Kumar to Mullakara Ratnakaran, several MLAs have expressed their views on the ban of cattle sale for slaughter in the country. But the speech that stood out from the rest was of CPM legislator AM Ariff, who recalled the famous dialogue of megastar Mammootty's character, Thevalliparambil Joseph Alex IAS, from Malayalam movie The King.

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Though the Speaker asked Ariff to conclude his speech as he had exceeded the time alotted to him, the MLA representing Aroor constituency, continued to complete the punch dialogue that ends with Sense venam, Sensitivity venam, Sensibility venam (Need sense, sensitivity and sensibility) from the Mammootty-starrer, for which he received a round of applause from his colleagues. The MLA was calling the attention of the legislators against the insensitivity of the central government, which according to Ariff doesn't know the "soul of India." 

During the special session, Ariff also quoted the words from Rig Veda and books of Swami Vivekananda that indicate India was never against cattle slaughter. He also claimed that there was a time when Brahmins used to eat meat in the country.

Interestingly, before the special session on Thursday, the ministers and MLAs were also served beef as breakfast.

Watch Arif's speech at the Kerala Assembly here:

Here is Mammootty's dialogue from The King:

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