In a press conference, late night on Friday by farmer union Kisan Ekta Morcha, an alleged assassin claims he was sent to kill farmer leaders during the protest rally. The suspect, who was caught by the farmers, said he was doing reconnaissance of the protest site since January 19.

The press conference, which was aired live on Kisan Ekta Morcha Facebook page, was also addressed by the suspect, who was covered in a mask, where he revealed some shocking details of the alleged plan to kill farmer leaders. The suspect alleged that he was part of a plan to shoot 4 farmer leaders dead and even open fire at police when farmers' tractor rally tried to enter Delhi on January 26. This was to make it look like farmers opened fire.

farmer plot

"I came here on 19th. To see if they have weapons. We found nothing. We were planning to shoot 4 people from the cops. We are no killers. We needed money. On 26th we had planned air firing and then the other team would," the suspect was quoted as saying in the press conference.

Suspect alleges police link

The suspect also alleged that he was paid Rs 10,000 for the job. He also named Pradeep Singh, SHO of Rai PS in Haryana, who would allegedly meet the team, which included 10 people.

farmers rally

The unidentified man also revealed that his gang had been working for the past 4 years. He also agreed to have participated in Jatt protest, where he and his gang wore police dress to lathicharge protestors.