Netflix dropped the trailer of To All The Boys: Always and Forever where Lara Jean Covey prepares herself for graduation and College. The storyline swings from Seoul to New York and while everything looks romantic in the first half of the trailer, trouble begins when Covey fails to get into the same college as Kavinsky. 

To All The Boys 3

The couple has grown up since 2018. They had their fake dates, hot tub moments, fake videos of losing virginity, real dates, possibilities for an extramarital, basically, within a span of two years, Lara and Peter have seen everything they possibly could as a couple. They are extremely comfortable in each other's company, their family's company yet Peter did the most romantic gesture of asking her out to the prom. 

In the third segment of To All The Boys, Peter and Jane's love story takes a different turn, as they might be placed in separate cities. The trailer itself drops the clue when Jane begins a video call with Peter during her trip to Seoul. The first half of the trailer consists of all the good parts about Hollywood romances, flowers, prom, dreamy date, dinner and the perfect picture for the prom. 

Trouble begins when Jane receives an application of rejection. She gets worried sick about the future of her relationship with Peter, meanwhile, her sister Katherine, (who had posted all of her love letters including the one to Peter Kavinsky in the first franchise of the film) is convinced that her sister won't be able to keep a long-distance relationship with Peter Kavinsky

The film will release on November 12 on Netflix.