It was on Tuesday that Jeff Bezos blasted into space with people on board, and thus becoming the second billionaire in just over a week to ride his own spacecraft. The Amazon founder who is currently the world's richest person took off from a desert site in West Texas, the US, on board the New Shephard, designed by his company. And now, a section of conspiracy theorists has outlandishly started claiming that Bezos was replaced by aliens during the space trip. 

Did aliens replace Jeff Bezos with an alien body double? 

After the space trip that lasted for 11 minutes, Bezos landed in the desert. But some Twitter users who believe in conspiracy theories claim that it was not Bezos who reached back from space. 

Wikimedia Commons/Pixabay

According to these conspiracy theorists, Jeff Bezos was replaced by aliens, and it was the main motive behind the space trip. 

"The entire mission was just to enable the alien overlords to replace the Bezos unit. They couldn't help themselves with the hat. Always overdoing it, those alien overlords," wrote a Twitter user. 

Most of these conspiracy theorists argue that aliens are working hand-in-glove with billionaires and governments, and this advanced reptilian species is slowly trying to grab control over planet earth. 

However, skeptics have dismissed these bizarre theories, and they claim that conspiracy theorists are obsessed with aliens and UFOs. 

Jeff Bezos creates history

Before Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson had also traveled to space, thus opening a new business of space tourism. After returning back to the earth, Bezos thanked his Amazon customers for giving him his ''best day ever.'' 

He also revealed that he felt normal in zero gravity, and admitted that the earth's atmosphere is damaged.