Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that alien existence on earth is real. According to these conspiracy theorists, an advanced alien species from a distant nook of the universe for hundreds of thousands of years. And now, a new poll has found that one in 10 millennials believe that the world is controlled by reptilian aliens. 

Reptilian aliens controlling the world

The poll found that 12 percent of people aged between 24 to 35 believe in the Reptilian alien conspiracy theory, which was initially championed by former BBC presenter and Hereford United goalkeeper David Icke. 

Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion Representational PicturePixabay

According to Reptilian conspiracy theory, shape-shifting aliens are controlling the world with their clandestine clutches. These conspiracy theorists strongly argue that top world leaders including the American president and members of the Royal Family are actually reptilian humanoids who literally manipulate human society for their own gains. 

More details about the poll

The poll was conducted by among 2000 people living in Britain. Even though 12 percent of the millennials believe in the reptilian conspiracy theory, only 2 percent of the people above the age of 55 were convinced by this bizarre idea. 

It should be noted that these same conspiracy theorists are the propagators of the anti-vaccine campaign. They strongly believe that the Covid pandemic is created by the world powers to achieve their depopulation agenda. 

A few days back, former Israeli space chief Haim Eshed had claimed that alien existence on earth is a reality. During an interview, Eshed shockingly argued that world powers like Israel and the United States are working together with an advanced alien species. 

Eshed also added that there is a secretive underground base on Mars where human beings and extraterrestrial representatives used to conduct confidential meetings.