Baba Vanga is a famous Bulgarian mystic known for the predictions she made about the future. Followers of Baba Vanga strongly believe that several of her predictions have turned true which includes the World Trade Center attacks and the rise of ISIS. As the entire world is now all set to welcome 2022, Baba Vanga's alleged predictions for the next year are now going viral on the online spaces. 

Does an imminent alien attack await humanity?

According to Vanga, a spaceship named Oumuamua will be sent by aliens to look for life on the earth. Interestingly, scientists had discovered Oumuamua in 2017, and speculations regarding the origin of this object are still one of the hottest debating points in the scientific community. 

Baba Vanga
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Avi Loeb of Harvard University strongly believes that Oumuamua is a spaceship sent by aliens. According to Loeb, the unusual acceleration of this space body clearly points to the fact that this weird space body could be an alien ship that reached the solar system from a different star system. As Baba Vanga predicts Oumuamua to reach earth in 2022, several people believe that an alien invasion could be imminent on planet earth. 

Discovery of a new virus

Baba Vanga had also predicted that a new lethal virus will be discovered in Siberia in 2022. As the world is currently battling the deadly coronavirus, a possible discovery of the new virus may create further problems on earth. 

It should be noted that Baba Vanga had successfully predicted a tsunami in 2004, and she believed that another tsunami could hit Asia and Australia in 2022. She also predicted a water crisis and locust attack in countries like India in 2022. 

Meanwhile, followers of Nostradamus believe that a war that involves France could happen in 2022. According to the followers of the French seer, a potential third world war and an alien disclosure will also happen on earth.