Alia Bhatt in Highway

While peeing in open, in the bush might be someone's fantasy but not everyone readily wishes to be a part of the list. However, call it fate or merely a plight, nature calls at the most unexpected times and celebrities are no exception to it.

Such a thing happened with Alia Bhatt too when years ago she had answer nature's call behind a bush! Yes, you heard it right. It was the time when she was still new to the industry and was shooting the "nomad" way with filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and her co-actor Randeep Hooda for 'Highway'.

Alia reveals she peed in open

In an interview with Famously Filmfare earlier, Alia had revealed that the film was shot in more of an impromptu way like they were stopping at any location which appealed to them and picturing the scene there.

Alia Bhatt

"I had never travelled like that before. We were like some nomads travelling from left to right and shooting wherever we saw a nice location like 'yahan pe light acha hai to shoot karlo'. It was very on the go guerrilla style shooting that really roughed and toughed me out," she had said.

The actress then went on to narrate the most amusing anecdote that she used to go and pee in the bushes on the streets. Moreover, Alia didn't even pay heed to the thought of what if someone sees her doing so.

"I was peeing in the bush and all, on the street. People would ask me that you go to the bathroom and I would be like 'No, no I just pee over there. In case somebody is passing and see, what are they gonna say. So, they are gonna just see the backside, they aren't gonna see the front so it's fine'," Alia said bursting in a laugh.

Maybe it was thing nomadic and close to the natural style shooting which brought out the best in her and fans became witness to her intense acting. Highway was released in 2014 and earned great recognition for Alia.

Alia Bhatt
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Alia as Gangubai Kathiawadi

Currently, the out-and-out urban girl is learning the art of turning into the gangster for her upcoming outing Gangubai Kathiawadi. Not only has Alia changed her body language for the role, but is also learning cuss words in Hindi and Marathi. Alia probably had never ever heard some of these profanities and is struggling to come to terms with the character.

Alia Bhatt's Brahmastra with Ranbir Kapoor is also scheduled to release this year.