Ali Reza
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As Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 enters into the eight week, it is pretty sure and compulsory that one contestant has to get eliminated. The latest elimination has been a shock to the contestants and the audience as well. None other than Ali Reza, the strongest among all the contestants in the house, who has been evicted from the show. Ali being eliminated is something that is never expected by any of the contestants or audience. In fact everyone wanted to see him in the finals and it looked sure that he is going to make up to it. But looks like life has different plans for Ali.

In the first six weeks of the show, Ali has never faced the nomination phase. In the seventh week, he has been nominated for elimination by Shilpa Chakravarthy as part of wild card entry. So this is something that has shocked everyone.

Himaja Reddy fighting with Ali Reza
Himaja Reddy fighting with Ali RezaScreenshot of hotstar video

Every single contestant in the house has also been shocked and in fact when the light was thrown on Ali, none of them believed that he has been eliminated. Nagarjuna clearly mentioned that Ali has been eliminated and the immediate next minute all the housemates broke into tears. Especially Sreemukhi and Shiva Jyothi, they just couldn't control their tears.

This made Ali say that he doesn't need a title, because has won the hearts of so many people and has made some healthy relationships in the house. Contestants were left emotional and nobody was ready to believe that Ali was eliminated.

Ali Reza is known for being very aggressive and most of the housemates have complained the same thing. Ali keeps losing his calm and has shouted at his fellow contestant so many times. In the recent task too, it was the same old story. In the recent letter, which his family sent him, even they mentioned about his anger management issues. It was visible that Ali couldn't control his anger. For the same issue, Ali received flak on social media and we have learnt that this is what has led to his elimination.