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Gin and tonic is a safe drink for people with type-1 diabetes.Reuters

Do you claim to be an alcohol lover and your knowledge is limited to only the brand names and flavours? Well, there is a lot to explore and learn about alcohol than you can imagine. There are some interesting and surprising facts that are related to alcohol that you should know.

We bring to you some amazing facts about alcohol.  

Alcohol phobia

There is actually a fear related to an empty beer glass. In this, a person suffering feels uncomfortable when he/she sees an empty beer glass and in worse situations, the person may even get angry and furious about it. This kind of phobia is known as Cenosillicaphobia.

Alcohol in space

Alcohol is present not only on earth but also in space. Reportedly, there is a giant cloud of alcohol in the outer space. It is situated in a region known as W3(OH) which is 6500 light years away. However, it is methyl alcohol which is commonly known as wood alcohol and is not suitable for human consumption.

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Health and alcohol

There are a number a people who believe that alcohol is not bad for health.  In fact, according to a clinical and experimental study Charles J. Holahan, Department of Psychologby, University of Texas, Austin, "moderate alcohol drinkers" have  low mortality rate when compared to "abstainers."

True champagne

Champagne that's not produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France is not true champagne. At least that's what the French law believes in.

Your body can create alcohol

This is a rare medical condition known as an auto-brewery syndrome. In this, intoxicating quantities of ethanol are produced through endogenous fermentation within the digestive system. According to a study in Japan, doctors have found that increased level of 'candida yeast' in the intestine of the persons suffering from it can release  alcohol so as to cause drunkenness.