Akhilendra Mishra

Mumbai: Veteran actor Akhilendra Mishra recently sat down with The Filmy Charcha for an exclusive interview, where he made a compelling case for why actors should receive royalties for their work. Akhilendra Mishra, known for his memorable roles in Indian cinema and television, emphasized that it is high time the entertainment industry recognizes the ongoing contributions of actors and compensates them fairly beyond their initial fees.

During the interview with The Filmy Charcha, Akhilendra Mishra highlighted the prevailing culture in the industry where actors do not receive royalties, unlike their counterparts in other creative fields. He pointed out that while lyricists and writers have started to receive royalties due to recent legal changes, actors are still waiting for similar recognition and compensation.

Akhilendra Mishra shared a personal anecdote during his conversation with The Filmy Charcha, recounting an incident where he stood up for a fellow actor over fee disputes. "It was a matter of principle," he said. "Actors put in a lot of hard work and bring characters to life. They deserve to be compensated fairly, not just at the time of the project, but for the continued use and profitability of their work."

He further praised the efforts of renowned lyricist Javed Akhtar, who has been a vocal advocate for royalties for creative professionals. Akhtar's persistent advocacy recently led to a significant legal victory, as the courts mandated that lyricists must be paid royalties. "Javed Akhtar's success in this matter is a landmark decision," Akhilendra Mishra told The Filmy Charcha. "It sets a precedent that should extend to all artists in the industry, including actors."

The Lagaan actor argued that just as lyricists now receive royalties, all artists in the entertainment industry should be granted the same respect and financial recognition. He emphasized that the continuous revenue generated by films, television shows, and digital content should be shared with the actors who contribute significantly to their success. "Every time a film is re-released, streamed, or broadcasted, the actors' performances continue to engage audiences and generate revenue. It is only fair that actors receive a share of this ongoing income," he explained.

The conversation also touched upon the broader implications of such a change. Akhilendra Mishra believes that instituting royalty payments for actors would not only provide financial security for many artists but also elevate the overall standards and professionalism within the industry. "When actors know their work will continue to be valued and compensated, it encourages a higher level of dedication and quality in their performances," he said.

The Filmy Charcha's interview with Akhilendra Mishra brings to light an important issue that affects many in the entertainment industry. As streaming services and digital platforms continue to expand, the traditional models of compensation are becoming increasingly outdated. Akhilendra Mishra's call for royalties for actors is a step towards modernizing these models and ensuring fair treatment for all creative contributors.

By drawing attention to this issue and sharing his personal experiences and insights, Akhilendra Mishra hopes to inspire change and encourage industry leaders to follow the example set by the recent legal victories for lyricists.

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