Babloo Prithiveeraj, who had once mocked Ajith Kumar and created a controversy, has now genuinely praised the same actor. His words have come as a pleasant surprise to the fans.

Babloo Prithiveeraj and Ajith
Babloo Prithiveeraj and Ajith Kumar.PR Handout

In fact, Babloo Prithiveeraj has said that he had misjudged Ajith Kumar, who is fondly known as Thala among his fans, earlier. The former recalled an incident that occurred a few months ago to hail the gentleman's quality of the Mankatha star. Before the lockdown came into effect, he had spotted Shalini Ajith and her daughter Anoushka at a restaurant.

As she has not worked with her, he was hesitant to speak. It had happened thrice. However, the third time he got a call from the hotel's manager whether he was willing to share his number with Shalini.

"I received a call from Shalini Ajith the very next moment and she apologised for not coming and talking to me when she saw him at the hotel. She had apparently informed Ajith about seeing me and not coming up and talking to me and she revealed that Ajith was upset with her for that. He had told her that I was a senior actor, his friend and his school senior as well and that she should have come and talked to me," The Times of India quoted him as saying in a television interview.

Ajith and Shalini
Ajith and Shalini.PR Handout

This gesture took Prithiveeraj by a surprise. "He needn't have done that. It shows his upbringing and class. He is a perfect gentleman," the actor claims.

Earlier Controversy
Prithiveeraj had said that Ajith was a down-to-earth person, but has zero dedication and doesn't want to act. "He is more interested in cooking biriyani and things like that," the Telugu actor had said.

He further took potshots at Thala by stating, "He is more interested in cooking biriyani and things like that." The clip is now going viral even as the angry fans of Ajith are lashing out at him by questioning his achievements.