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Ajay Devgn is very protective towards his daughter Nysa, who is currently pursuing her tenth grade in Singapore. The actor said that he has sent her to Singapore not just for better education, but also for a different reason.

In an interview with Mid-Day, the Total Dhamaal actor said that he does not prefer so much of media attention for his daughter at this early age, and hence she is happy that she stays in Singapore.

When asked if he will allow Nysa to become an actress, Ajay told the publication, "I won't be able to stop her, but right now, she doesn't want to become an actor. Of course, tomorrow cannot be predicted. Nysa is just 15 years old and is busy with her tenth grade in Singapore. It's too early for her to be thinking about a career. We sent her to Singapore as it is one of the best schools and it's better for her there. The paparazzi are everywhere and it is not fair, they don't even leave children alone".

Further explaining his concern, Ajay said that it is unfair for his children to face restrictions due to media glare as it is he and Kajol who chose to become actors, and not his son or daughter.

Kajol, Ajay Devgn, Daughter Nysa, Son Yug
Kajol, Ajay Devgn, daughter Nysa, son YugInstagram

"When I ask Nysa not to go somewhere because of the media, how do I respond when she tells me, 'papa all my friends are going there. Am I not supposed to go anywhere?' How can that be their life? We chose to be actors and are accepting of the media glare, but our children didn't sign up for it," he said.

Meanwhile, Ajay's latest release Total Dhamaal has had an excellent start at the box office. The multi-starrer adventure comedy is dominating the ticket counters, and is likely to become a major hit.