Air India Airbus A320 passenger aircraft.
An Air India Airbus A320 passenger aircraft.Reuters

The tragic plane crash in Kozhikode has left many in a state of shock. For the families of 18 victims, Friday will remain one of the darkest they will remember. The horrific Air India crash took the lives of innocents including the two pilots— Wing Commander Deepak Vasant Sathe and Captain Akhilesh Sharma. 

Pilot Akhilesh Sharma and his wife Megha were expecting a baby together, and her delivery date is also approaching. However, she hasn't yet been told about her husband's death. 

Akhilesh Sharma's brother speaks on his demise

The death of the two pilots and 16 others after a terrible skid accident of the Air India flight with passengers aboard in Kozhikode, Kerala, is a shock the nation will never quite recover from. Akhilesh Sharma and Deepak Vasant Sathe's deaths have been considered a grave sacrifice.

Speaking about his brother's death, 24-year-old Lokesh Sharma said, "Initially we got the news that bhaiyya (Akhilesh) was critical and hospitalised after the plane crash but we were later informed about his death on Friday night. My brother Bhuvnesh and brother-in-law Sanjeev Sharma have left for Kozhikode via Delhi."

Speaking about Akhilesh's wife he said, "We have not told bhabhi (Megha Sharma) about the death of her husband as she is expecting a child in a few days from now. She is aware of the plane crash though." Megha (29) is expecting her child in another 15 days.

Mortal remains of co-pilot Akhilesh Sharma reaches Mathura
Akhilesh's body reaches Mathura Twitter

The family received the news of the crash on Friday. Akhilesh had tied the knot 2 years ago with his wife Megha (29). He had begun flying with Air India Express in 2017 and was co-piloting a Vande Bharat flight between Dubai and Kerala on Friday. The pilot's mortal remains were sent to Delhi on early Sunday morning and has reached Mathura, UP.