It was in late 2019 that the first case of Covid was detected in Wuhan, China. The pandemic soon spread like a wildfire, and it literally pulled the entire planet to a state of shutdown. It was during these times that several IT firms decided to give work from home opportunities to their employees. And now, amid the Omicron scare, many companies are calling back their employees for onsite work. However, Ayata Commerce, a startup that has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and India stands out, as the company has been offering work from home facility to employees since 2016. 

Not just Covid, Ayata Commerce bothered about the planet's future

In a recent interaction with IB Times India, Shine Mathew, CEO, and founder of Ayata Commerce revealed that it is not Covid that made him take the decision to give complete work from home opportunities to his employees. 

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"Ayata Commerce decided to go with Work from Home and Hybrid work culture from the realization that the number of employees working remotely, cut down the overall carbon footprint. We believe that WFH can have a huge benefit, not just on the employee, but also on the planet we live on. WFH jobs reduce the number of cars on the road, thereby reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption, energy usage, and paper and plastic waste. It also helps reduce environmental and human health impacts as a result of decreased air pollution," said Shine. 

Shine also noted that remote working will reduce commutation, which will ultimately result in reduced air pollution. 

Work from home: Better productivity from employees

Ayata Commerce's founder believes that working from home helps to increase the productivity of employees. He asserted that his company always believes in offering a healthy work-life balance, and it could be achieved only by giving work from home opportunities for employees. 

"Flexibility, autonomy and work- life balance are the most obvious advantages of remote work. AyataCommerce introduced WFH in 2016 and it helped in reducing employee turnover rate. The concept has gained acceptance among workers which is evident from the retention of the majority of employees with the company ever since the introduction of WFH," concluded Shine.