With the coronavirus pandemic affecting every life, almost every country and every sphere is bearing the impact of the deadly virus. At the frontline are healthcare workers, who are trying to battle the virus day and night with patients coming in for coronavirus and other ailments. Despite their selfless service to the nation, several shocking incidents in India have come to light when healthcare officials are on the receiving end of harassment and assault. 

Doctors and nurses are spending extra efforts ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke in India. With the rising number of cases in India, the doctors are kept busy in hospitals, away from their families. Here's a heartbreaking video of an interview with an AIIMS doctor, who broke down while speaking to a correspondent about coronavirus challenges.

COVID-19 doctor breaks down

Dr. Ambika, who is posted at a COVID-19 ward in AIIMS hospital, is away from her family and is busy treating people with the COVID-19 infection. Se stated that the situation as of now is extremely demanding and challenging.

Dr Ambika posted at AIIMSsiasat.com

"It is a challenging time for us when cases of coronavirus are increasing by the day. We all need support from our family in this type of situation," Dr. Ambika said.

Remembering her parents, Ambika said that if someone from the family falls ill and a doctor is unable to treat them, the guilt keeps haunting and fails to go away.

"We are here to treat people and also need support from our families. Everyone here supports us - colleagues, friends, staff members - but family support is different and we all need that," she added.

The doctor further stated that her parents have never asked her to leave everything and come back to the family or have never told her to prioritize her life over patients. As she said this, she broke down saying that she misses her parents who have stood by her always.

The sacrifices doctors make

Coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus pandemicIANS

There have been many cases reported recently when doctors have expressed their emotional side while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. It instills the realization among us that doctors are also human beings and they too have families.

There were reports stating that people are maltreating doctors and nurses and healthcare staff, people were shunting them out of their homes during such testing times. This is a time to contemplate and check our attitudes towards these heroes who are in the line of duty as we quarantine ourselves within the comforts of our homes.

Dr. Ambika's video must serve as a reminder to all the people about what our healthcare staff is going through and that they need our support at this time. Watch the video below: