Every time Babar Azam strides out to the middle and plays an innings of substance, he is compared with Indian captain Virat Kohli. The young Pakistan batsman has been a prolific run-scorer for Pakistan in the recent past and he is one of the consistent performers at the number three position.

Despite all the comparisons and pressure being heaped upon him, Azam himself believes that he is still learning the game and that he watches Virat Kohli bat a lot and models his own game according to the Indian captain.

"I watch his batting and the way he bats in various conditions and try to learn from them," Babar told reporters ahead of the much-anticipated India-Pakistan clash on Sunday.

He also said that he is trying to learn every day and watching Kohli bat is one way of trying to inculcate things. He also aims to achieve Virat Kohli's winning per cent.

Virat Kohli
Virat KohliDaniel Kalisz/Getty Images

"I try to learn with experience. This is my process of learning, so I try my hundred per cent. His (Kohli) winning ratio is higher (for India) so I am trying to achieve that as well," he further added.

India take on Pakistan in Manchester and owing to India's record against the arch-rivals in World Cups, Sarfaraz Ahmed's side will be under pressure, but Babar believes the side will do well as they showed in the Champions Trophy.

"The Champions Trophy win gave us confidence and will also help here as well because the team is mostly the same and that win is always an inspiration," Babar said.

Kapil Dev predicts the outcome of the match

Virat Kohli Jasprit Bumrah
Virat Kohli, Jasprit BumrahGLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

Adding to the anticipation, former Indian captain Kapil Dev predicted that the current Indian side led by Virat Kohli has the pedigree to beat Pakistan seven out of 10 times.

"But I feel when I was playing the Pakistan team was much better than us. Today I can say that if they play 10 matches, India will win seven. India are far better than Pakistan... What happens that day God knows," Kapil was as quoted by PTI.

He also believes that the Indian bowling attack was one of the best and the fact that Jasprit Bumrah is ranked the number one bowler in the world is a clear indication that Indian bowling has come a long way.

"When I saw him (Bumrah) first time I thought that he will not have such ability. I changed my word and I say, God, he is really fantastic. From such a short run-up he can produce from such an awkward run-up so much pace. I just want him to be fit for the next five years," he further added.