On his recent video message to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the discipline and patience shown by 130 crore Indians and said you are not alone in this fight against coronavirus COVID-19.

Speaking about the national lockdown and the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Prime Minister said, "We have to move towards light from the darkness created by coronavirus."

PM modi
PM modi

'Dispel the darkness'

In the video, the PM is asking his people switch the lights in their homes and light a candle, diya, flashlight or their mobile phone torches at 9 pm for nine minutes, on Sunday (April 5), to show their solidarity with each other.

In this third address to the nation, he also added that even though we are in our homes, we are not alone. Country's 1.3 billion people are together during this lockdown period.

He said we have to dispel the darkness spread by the coronavirus and give hope to the poor who are the most impacted by lockdown.


Lockdown passes off its first week

People and authorities have worked together to implement the lockdown restriction. Other countries were inspired by the applause the country offered to its frontline warriors on March 22 during Janata curfew. It showed that we can fight the coronavirus together.

It was in his first address to the nation when Modi has urged the citizens to be a part of the Janata Curfew by banging on their plates and pans and bu ringing bells to applaud the heavy work and commitments shown by the health officials and other healthcare staff.

modi tweet
modi tweet

On Thursday, Modi interacted with the Chief Minister's of all the states and reminded them that the situation is far from satisfactory around the world and that should brace itself for a a second wave of coronavirus cases.

Lockdown ends on April 14

The national lockdown implemented for 21days will come to an end by April 14, although the complete assurance to a normal work life of the country cannot be ensured now.

Meanwhile, India's total coronavirus cases surged past the 2,000-mark amid fears that the Nizamuddin area in Delhi may emerge as the biggest cluster spread in the country. Around 19 deaths so far in the country can be traced to the Tablighi event held between March 1-15.

Watch the Prime Minster speaking on 'dispel the darkness':