After experiencing a defeat in the presidential elections Prakash Raj, on Monday announced his resignation from Movie Artists Association of the Telugu film industry. Despite the fact that he does not want membership in the association, Prakash Raj conveyed that he would continue to do films.

Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj.PR Handout

"Hi my dear MAA members who stood by us .. There is a deeper meaning behind my resignation to MAA. We as a team know we are responsible towards the love n support you all have extended to us. We will NEVER let you all down ..will explain very soon. you will be proud of us," he tweeted on Monday.

Prakash Raj's panel members too resign from MAA

It has to be noted that Manchu Vishnu had won the elections, which grabbed everyone's attention. Prakash Raj also claimed that Vishnu and the team foulplayed in the elections earlier.

Vishnu Manchu
Vishnu Manchu.PR Handout

After all the murky fights, Vishnu Manchu finally became the president of the Movie Artists Association. Now that Prakash Raj and his panel members feel that the elections were not conducted in a legit way, they have all officially withdrawn from their positions even after winning in MAA elections, in order to form an alternate association, as reported.

Prakash Raj and his team gathered for a media interaction, earlier today. The team members had mentioned that it would not be right for Prakash Raj's panel members to continue with their positions, with all the differences between them. 

"We wish you all continue to help all the artists and do the best things in the favor of the Telugu Film Industry", Prakash Raj said. There are talks going on, about Prakash Raj forming an alternate association, but no one from the team confirmed the news. 

Anasuya suspects foul play in MAA elections

Anasuya Bharadwaj

Actress Anasuya Bharadwaj, who stood from Prakash Raj's panel was declared 'won' at first. But, going forward, the results showed that she lost to Vishnu's panel members.  Confused, Anasuya took to her Twitter to express her suspicion. 

"Yesterday it was said that I won with thumping majority. Now they are saying I lost the election. Just wondering how did the results change overnight?," Anasuya wrote on her official social media handles.