Ever since the teaser of the Adipurush has been launched, it has been garnering various negative responses. After facing major flak for its VFX and CGI on social media. The film has landed into fresh trouble.


BJP spokesperson Malavika Avinash who is also an actress lashed out at the filmmaker Om Raut, and the makers of Adipurush for 'Misrepresentation of Ramayana' and also called out Saif Ali Khan's look.

Speaking to ANI, she stated, "Ramayana is who we were and represents this nation, its civilisation and its people. So, no one can take it for granted, let alone a film director. I am angry at this misrepresentation. I am saddened by the fact that the director let alone research Valmiki's Ramayana, Kamba Ramayana or Tulsidasa's Ramayana, or the umpteen numbers of interpretations of Ramayana that are available across the board as far as Thailand where they do beautiful performances of the Ramayana. The least he could have done is gone back and researched our own films; there are so many Kannada films, Telugu films, Tamil films, which show how Raavana looked."

"He could have just looked up NT Rama Rao or Dr Rajkumar in 'Bhookailasa' or any of these great actors, SV Ranga Rao in 'Sampoorna Ramayana', to understand how Raavana looked. The Raavana in the photograph that I see floating around is a guy who looks nothing Indian, who has blue eye makeup and is wearing leather jackets. This is our history they are representing; they cannot do it in the guise of creative liberty," added Malavika.

Furthermore, Malavika added, "Ramayana is who we were" and added, "it represents this nation, its civilisation and its people. So no one can take it for granted, let alone a film director. I am angry and this misrepresentation saddens me".


Earlier today, Malavika also shared a Twitter post criticising the way Raavana has been shown in Adipurush.

She shared a screenshot of Saif Ali Khan's look and wrote, Ravana, a Shiva-Bhakt Brahmin from Lanka had mastered the 64 arts! Jaya (Vijay) who was guarding Vaikunta descended as Ravana owing to a curse! This may be a Turkish tyrant but is not Ravana! Bollywood, Stop misrepresenting our Ramayana/History! Ever heard of the legend NTRamaRao?"

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After BJP leader Malavika, MP Home Minister too slammed Adipurush director Om Raut for misinterpretation of Ramayana

MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra asks Om Raut to remove objectionable scenes

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra slammed the filmmaker and expressed his objection to the portrayal of the Hindu religion in the film. He also stated that he is writing a letter to Om Raut asking him to remove objectionable scenes.


Meanwhile, Saif Ali Khan's look has been widely criticised by netizens on social media.

A Twitter user compared Saif's looks to Khilji and wrote, "This movie is an insult to Ramayan Firstly why are Ravan and Hanuman not wearing Mukut? What kind of hair cut is Saif given?he's looking like Khilji Ravan was one of d wisest Bramhin can't see his Janva Pls stop hurting our sentiments #DisappointingAdipurish #AadiPurush."

Some even trolled Saif Ali Khan's modern hairstyle.

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For the unversed, the stars unveiled the first teaser of Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon starrer Adipurush on October 2 in Ayodhya. Videos from the grand launch have gone viral on social media.

Adipurush is set for an IMAX and 3D release on January 12, 2023. Production of the movie began back in February. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Om, Prasad Sutar, and Rajesh Nair. The film will release in multiple languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.