Actor-dancer Rakhi Sawant has been facing a lot of trouble on her marital front. The actress first alleged that her husband Adil Durrani is cheating on her and has a relationship that he had hidden from her. Rakhi has time and again come out and spoken to the media about her issues, be it personal or professional. The actress's mother Jaya Sawant scummed from a brain tumour and cancer a fortnight ago, Rakhi has claimed that while she was in the Bigg Boss Marathi house, she had given the responsibility to take care of her mother to Adil, failing which her mother's health deteriorated. The reality star got the shock of her life when Adil said that he will be staying separately. 

Rakhi and Adil

Rakhi on Monday revealed in front of the media that Adil has a girlfriend, she also said that Adil has been in a relationship with the girl. Rakhi then filed a complaint against Adil for infidelity. On Tuesday morning, Mumbai police took Adil for the question, based on the complaint filed by Rakhi. 

Viral picture of Adil's alleged girlfriend Tanu, that has been surfaced online

Adil's alleged girlfriend

Take a look at the videos shared by paparazzi handles on Rakhi -Adil's feud 

Shocking claims made by Rakhi on Adil

On Monday, Rakhi claimed that Adil was mishandling her funds, while she was participating in Bigg Boss Marathi last year, and she had asked him to look after her ailing mother Jaya Sawant, who died on January 29 after a long battle with cancer. Rakhi also alleged that Adil was responsible for her mother's death as he did pay money on time for her surgery. Rakhi also claimed that Adil told her that he has parted ways with her and is living with his alleged girlfriend Tanu.

Following this Rakhi broke down in front of the paparazzi and claimed that she has given money to Adil, when he had come to Mumbai, he had no money.

Rakhi filed a police complaint against Adil

Rakhi Sawant was also snapped at the Oshiwara Police station on Monday night when she lodged a complaint against Adil. She accused Adil of beating and assaulting her as she broke down in front of the media. "I always used to ask Adil, 'Why do you beat me so much?' I told him that I'll reveal this all to the media. He told me, 'Who will believe you?' I have proof against him," Rakhi told paps outside the police station.

Adil Durrani detained

On Tuesday it was reported that Rakhi's husband Adil has been arrested. She shared in a media statement, "Yeh koi media ya natak nahi hai. Meri zindagi kharab ki hai issne. Mujhe mara hai, mera paisa loota hai Quran pe haath rakh ke bhi. Issne mere saath cheating kiya hai (This is not drama. He has ruined my life. He has beaten me up and stolen my money even as he put his hand on the Quran. He has cheated me)." She said she had submitted all the proofs to find out the truth.)

Reportedly, Adil went to meet Rakhi at her place, as per Rakhi, he was Meanwhile, Oshiwara Police reached the location and arrested Adil. As per reports, Rakhi filed an FIR against Adil.