Under lockdown, stars are still keeping in touch with civilisation. Luckily with social media, connecting even in isolation has become significantly simpler. So whether it's sharing some time, putting up videos or doing a couple of interviews, stars are still trying to keep busy. 

Kangana Ranaut retreated to Manali for the lockdown period, and since then she's been active on social media. Recently she did an interview on Instagram where she revealed some facts and some interesting bits of information about herself and her dating habits.

Kangana Ranaut
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Spending some (lock)down time for Kangana Ranaut

The lockdown is giving everybody a lot of time they didn't have before. Many Bollywood stars and celebrities have been reconnecting with themselves and connecting with their fans while under lockdown. Kangana Ranaut went to Manali to spend time with her family including her sister Rangoli Chandel. The actress amidst staying fit, relaxing, reading and getting some free beauty sessions from Rangoli, she has also been active on the media front.

Kangana Ranaut has done a couple of interviews from a distance via video. She has also been actively sharing videos on Instagram getting frank about what's happening and her own experiences. Always a sport, Kangana Ranaut's most recent interview with a media outlet, touched upon her lockdown plans, prep for her upcoming films and a lot of personal tidbits. 

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

The Queen actress spoke about gaining weight for Jayalalithaa, and her wish to play the legendary Madhubala where Aamir Khan would play Dilip Kumar. She spoke about how her personal loss or gain due to the lockdown and the Coronavirus outbreak weren't important, emphasising once more on the 'bio-war' idea she has been asserting so far. She also said she would not prefer acting and directing simultaneously a film on her own, she would rather be an actor or a director at one time. She said she would like to collaborate and put her art on the offering to whoever she works with.

Kangana Ranaut's dating quirks

When asked if the marriage was on the cards for Kangana Ranaut, she said that she'd like to be with someone who doesn't bring her down. The actress did she wouldn't mind it, like everybody else she had different requirements from her potential partner. She also said she can't compensate for anybody's lack and that she needs another complete person if it has to work. Isn't that all of us?

Talking about her casual dates, she was frank in saying that she is addicted to her independence. Kangana said she finds it hard to share a bed and sleep in the same room as another person, she said laughing, "I get up in the middle of the night and go to my room and be like sorry but...So I don't know where that takes me." Not much later a fan said that she needn't marry and that it's a waste of time. We're guessing wherever it takes her, she'll be fine.